Review of a Serie A team & best players: Budget 150k to 500K

FIFA19 4 - Review of a Serie A team & best players: Budget 150k to 500K

With a lot of research and hit and trials, I am finally starting to win more games than I lose. I started with an EPL team but lost almost every game went down to Div 8 and then decided to switch leagues. After contemplating for a while decided to give Serie-A a go with hope to play with Ronaldo one day.

Selling that overpriced EPL team was the best decision I could have made as I was able to buy much better players for the same price and my game immediately improved. Here are some of the players I have used over time


GK: Sczeseny (84,86,88SIF) (spell err!) while my 84 and then 86 were really good, they still made some errors especially when coming out for the crosses and spilling the incredible saves right back into the path of the attackers. I recently bought the SIF and I believe that he may be among the best GKs in the game. Can't wait to get the 89 when I have more funds


CBs: Have tried Manolas, Koulibaly & Chiellini (89&90) and can say for sure that Koulibaly seems to be the best of the lot. Chiellini was great but sometimes made errors that I could not expect from and 90 OVR. Right now I run Manolas and Koulibaly and they complement each other perfectly

Full Backs: Before Cancelo 83 and Sandro 86 I only had placeholders that I did not end up using for very long. These two are not special for me but gets the job done. I play more through the center and perhaps that is the reason why they do not get so involved in the game


CDMs: Using Naingollan (spell err!) 85 + SMS 85 and switch them in-game with Hamsik 87 or Allan 84 depending on the situation. Naingollan is such a presence in the midfield on Basic but I recently applied a Powerhouse (which converts him into a 92 CDM) with instructions to stay back while attacking and he has overhauled my defensive situation by himself. Make numerous tackles and interception although feels a little bulkier. SMS is a very similar player to Nain Powerhouse just a bit lesser. With Nain staying back he did get forward quite a lot and score a hat-trick very recently (I let him have a Pen to complete it). Hamsik always takes great positions in the game and is always available for a pass or on the edge of the box to make a shot, Allan does more of what Nain does for me in the defense.

LMs: Tried Costa but he never worked for me and switched to Persic 86 with a catalyst on him (I do not need him scoring goals but need more playmaking, crossing, and low-crossing from him). He started very slow and I was about to switch to Insigne but then started banging in goals, running behind the defense and providing beautiful assists. He now sits 3rd in assists and goals for me now.


RMs: I started with Cuadrado 84 on a hunter – probably an unpopular player and chem style for him – worked wonders for me. What I loved doing with him is run him behind and use that pace to get to the edge of the box and drive low crosses to box players and he provided numerous assists. I recently got SIF Suso 88 Hunter and am starting to develop a liking. He is great for corners and free-kicks and can take shots from anywhere in the box no matter the angle – still I would like a bit more output from him than he has now.


CAM (yes, an attacker for me): I have played Hamsik earlier here until I had the money to buy Mertens which was very accidental as I had purchased him to pair with Immobile (which was sold soon enough). DRIES MERTENS IS A CHEAT CODE IN THIS GAME. I have played him at ST where he is good but CAM is where he shines the most – this guy swirls around the pitch like a ballerina, takes beautiful finesses shots even when I attempt just a regular shot, runs behind the defense, partners beautifully with strikers for 1-2s and somehow is always in the right position for rebounds. He has single-handedly changed my FIFA gaming and it would be hard for me not keep him in my team in the years to come.

ST: This is a position which needed the most tinkering and was the cause of most frustration for me. I was scoring goals with everyone but my strikers – tried Mandzukic, Immobile and a few other lesser OVRs earlier but in the end had to just depend on a midfielder saving. This all until one day where a Reddit FIFA veteran who had stopped playing FIFA due to the broken game (which I agree) tipped me to try IF Bellotti. Little did he know that since he had stopped there was a SIF 86. I saved up everything I could, traded whatever I could to buy this man SIF Bellotti 86. He is the best striker I have used. Period. Right since the onset he has scored a goal or more per game and even in the games I lose he scores. Until not a while ago he had 30 goals for me in 20 games (and 0 assists, lol). Since, then he has assisted and I am not sure if I am happy about it – it was a weirdly cool stat. Nonetheless, Bellotti shoots with left, with right and head. Shoots when he is facing the goal, or not facing the goal. When running towards a tap-in or from the edge of the box. I swear sometimes he shoots even when I haven't pressed the shoot button.

My next aim is SMS 87 a card that looks insane compared to his 85.

For coins – I play 2-4 matches in Squad Building to get Silver3 or whatever I can achieve with it and try to get Rank III in Rivals every time. I started playing in Jan and play 3-4 hours per week. Now I am very close to getting my first Weekend League pass, very well aware that I may lose most games but I believe in my team and hope to be the underdog who can throw a few good punches.

Curious to know your thoughts on the best players you have used and hope my endless research helps someone who is still playing on a mid-tier budget.

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