Review of the best icon I have used this far (Raul 92)

FIFA19 3 - Review of the best icon I have used this far (Raul 92)

So, you're sitting there with a bunch of coins and Gerard Morenos in your club and you wonder what to do. Fear not, I have found out what you should do if you want to enjoy FIFA a bit more. I will be teaching you guys the art of Icon Crafting. Jokes apart, you really need to try Raul out.

Pace – 9/10 – 88 on cardRaul is a quick icon. 88 pace is more than enough for a central attacking midfielder, but this also enables you to play him at striker. Much like other "semi-quick" players like Gabriel Jesus or Aguero is more than enough for pace, and Raul is even quicker than that. Won't outpace the fastest centrebacks such as TOTY Varane or similiar, but will deal with such peasants in other ways – I will talk about it later on.

Shooting – 10/10 – 92 on cardWhen it comes to the shooting of Raul, it's clinical enough to make you win games. Strong weak foot (4*) makes it easier to finish using both his weaker right foot and his stronger left foot. The amount of times I have been saved by a really well-timed finesse shot by Raul is too many to count. Insanely clinical finisher and his positioning is even better, imo. It feels like he is always where you need him to be and usually finishes the dinner without asking twice.

Passing – 9/10 – 82 on cardEven though 82 passing is rather low, check in-game stats and breathe calmly. He is rather average in many of the passing stats, but excels in short passing. Since he SHOULD play as a CAM/CF/ST you usually will not need to pass the ball for very long distances. When I play, I use the custom tactic "Fast Build-up" which for me makes the passing distances rather short most of the time. This combined with a formation without wingers works best, as there will always be options to pass the ball to, without forcing Raul into long passing. His vision is really high which makes the short passes amazing. In almost 100 games, he has as many assists as he has goals – simply because he can deliver inch-perfect through balls that usually leads to goals. 82 passing is generally low, but so far the pace and shooting makes up for it without a doubt.

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Dribbling – 9/10 – 90 on cardRemember before when I talked about the TOTY Varanes and the quick centerbacks? Here is where Raul's dribbling comes into play. Although he might not outrun them, his agility combined with his height and pace will make it difficult to catch him once you start moving the bumper sticks. He feels like an Insigne/Mertens type of player – just a lot better in all areas. What you would do with Gabriel Jesus or Aguero works just as well with Raul – if not better.

Defending – Irrelevant – 47 on card

The only stat under the "Defending" tree that is worth mentioning for the type of player Raul is, is the heading accuracy which is 96. He is rather short which makes him unable to score near-post or similiar consistenly, but it does happen. Since the accuracy stat is so high, I've had several goals where a rebound bounces out to Raul which headers the ball from outside the box straight into top corners. It's difficult for him to win the aerial duels, but when he does the ball goes where you want it to go – most of the times. Since he is an attacker – you won't barely ever defend with him so I will not go in-depth about the defending, but he does backtrack rather well.

Physical – 6/10 – 75 on card

As with many of your short, semi-quick strikers/CAM-s, he isn't the tall, muscular guy that just brushes off whoever tackles him (Ibra 92 in mind), so don't expect him to just outstrength everyone. That being said, he isn't weak either. 77 Strength which is more than enough to handle the little physical duels you get into. Great stamina, 88 is more than enough for him to be your game changer all game long. 91 Jumping helps with what I wrote earlier about the heading accuracy. He has great stats for a heading player but he just doesn't have the length to consistently win the duels.

General feeling – 9,5/10

Saying that this card is good does not do it justice. It's better than good. More often than not – he's been what makes the difference between Gold 1 and lower ratings. He does the CAM job for me perfectly. I have him on CAM in a 4-1-2-1-2 central and "Stay Offensive". He scores as often as he makes other people score. He averages more than a goal per game for me, so I am more than pleased with sinking coins into him. His prize is somewhat high but just as NepentheZ said in his video regarding Raul – EA values him as an end-game icon and I can see why. I have tried many different icons this year and Raul is the best attacking one so far.

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Value for coins – 8/10

As I said, he is expensive. But for me – totally worth it. If you have some 86+ cards untradeable just waiting in your club, the prize lowers by a lot. The icon requirement is also tough, but in this market, it's now cheaper than ever.

This was it for my 92 Raul review. If you want reviews on more icons/players – I'd be glad to help. Of course, I don't have the coins for TOTY players or such, but I have built almost every icon that has been out so far, so if you need help with those, talk to me!

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