Review – SBC Vormer: The best midfielder you’ll never use.

FIFA19 9 - Review - SBC Vormer: The best midfielder you'll never use.

For me, FIFA is more fun when you use the players you want to and not the ones you're supposed to. The Vormer card you can get for completing the Pro League SBC's is one I have liked the look of since it was released. My friend has his TOTS in FIFA 18 and it was amazing so when I saw this I knew I wanted it. I started doing the SBC's and get very lucky from my packs, getting Hazard, Aguero, and Salah in a row. Meaning money wasn't an issue and I could smash through them.

I have been using him for a while now and really enjoyed him. Over my last few games I decided to record a few clips to show you how good he is and to ad some substance to this review, so without any further ado, let's get into it.

Here is the team I used for these clips

All clips are either Division Rivals or Legendary Squad Battles

Powerhouse Chem Style


Pace is with out a doubt his biggest and only issue. His base stat is 68. To be honest, when he is on the ball he does feel about this. He is easily caught up by others. This though isn't that much off an issue as you will rarely be running with him. He is best used as a player to pass the ball and dictate the play. I very rarely actually run with him, the only time I found this to be an issue was if I was trying to counter attack and he was the one I was running it with. This was only ever the case a handful of time as there is usually someone else to pass off to. Off of the ball though he does feel faster. Around 75. I found him catching up to most players and not many ran past him.

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Oh my god. I struggle to find the words to describe this mans finishing ability. I don't want to be seeming like I am overhyping him here but honestly, one of the best finishers I've ever seen on FIFA 19. It just seems like if he has space and shoots it always goes in. I just urge you to please watch the clips below. His ability to create space for himself, make the runs into the right places and finish makes him so deadly.

Goal 1

Goal 2

Goal 3

Goal 4



Despite what I've said about his shooting, his passing is his best ability. I can't actually remember him misplacing a pass that wasn't my fault. Other than the times I attempted something stupid with him, everything he did came off. Long passes, short passes, crosses, through balls, corners. He really can do it all as you'll see in the clips below.


Pass 1

Pass 2. I promise he gets to this, I cut the clip by accident.

Pass 3

Pass 4. One of my favourite passes. The way he takes out 3 defenders is sexy

Pass 5

Pass 6



As I mentioned you don't tend to run with him much. On the few chances you do he keep sit close to him and is surprisingly agile allowing him to make sharp turns. The 3* skills might put people off but I personally can't complain and didn't notice anything bad about him. Just a bit slow.



His defending is apparently 79. What a lie. It's more like 89. He just gets everywhere in front of the defence. His defensive positioning more than makes up for the lack of pace and his is an amazing tackler. Again look at the clips to get a sense of this.

Interception 1

Interception 2. Actually a goal saving header

Tackle 1

Tackle 2



I can't comment on this too much. He never really got pushed off the ball but again he rarely goes on runs. Defensively he was very strong when tackling/shoulder barging. A lot better than his 79 strength suggests, closer to 85. he does have 97 stamina so he can last well past the 90 minutes if required.

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SBC Vormer is one of the best midfielders I have had the pleasure of using in FIFA 19. I can't recommend him enough. An amazing playmaker that is capable of both scoring and defending. Let down slightly by pace but don't let it put you off. Difficult to get into teams due to his league but he has a decent nation. Vormer is a real gem of a player and one I will be using for the rest of FIFA.


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