Reviews of Icon Swaps III players

FIFA19 9 - Reviews of Icon Swaps III players

Hey everyone, been seeing a lot of requests for player reviews now that Swaps III is out, I've only used a few of the actual options but I've used different versions of many others. So I thought I'd compile my reviews into one post here for you all as some of you might find it useful. The reviews of lower versions are actually copy+pasted from previous posts I made, I've tried to add a comparison to the Swaps options but some of it will still be negligible. Anyway, you get the idea!

92 Overmars (1.23m) – 7.6/10

  • Games: 21
  • Goals: 6
  • Assists: 9
  • Chem: Maestro
  • Verdict: A solid option on either flank with his two-footedness, Overmars may not be the flashiest but is nevertheless a talented player. I already have a lot of experience with him, as his Prime SBC came out in the first batch during FIFA 18 and after completing that SBC I used him for over 1000 games, and he was always fantastic for me. Lightning quick, comfortable dribbler, and can be trusted to take shots on even though his shooting isn’t the most polished. Low points for Overmars is his poor strength and 3* skills on a winger doesn’t appeal to most of the user base, plus he was quite costly when I picked him up which is why I’m struggling to award him an 8/10 or above. Other than that, he’s at least worth a try considering he's only 10 tokens.

93 Bergkamp (2m) – 9.6/10

  • Games: 121
  • Goals: 134
  • Assists: 64
  • Chem: Engine
  • Verdict: Considering his Mid version was a massive letdown, the difference between that and his Moments card is night and day. The issues of lacklustre dribbling and inconsistent shooting just do not exist with this card, his close control is magical and his finesse shots are broken. He took me back from Elite 3 to Elite 1 which I never got with Pele in my team. It finally feels like I’m actually using Dennis Bergkamp in FIFA, with his genius being well encapsulated unlike his other versions which simply don’t feel like him. The only way this card could realistically be improved is slightly more stamina and 5* skills and weak foot. For 16 tokens, a definite yes.

94 Garrincha (1.8m) – 9.3/10

  • Games: 19
  • Goals: 12
  • Assists: 17
  • Chem: Hunter
  • Verdict: A minor upgrade on the Mid card. The dribbling is once again phenomenal, he has that quality of being able to touch the ball several times in the amount of time other players would only be able to take one or two touches. In terms of where he’s better than the Mid, he just feels a bit sharper in the final third, in terms of shooting ability especially. Once again though, the flaws are obvious: terrible strength, stamina isn’t bad but not ideal either and M/L workrates could be better. But as you’d expect, he is fast and technically accomplished in all his attacking qualities. 21 tokens is obviously a lot but I'd say if you have the time and mental strength he would be a good choice.

Now onto reviews of other Swaps III options I haven't used, but have tried out different versions of.

88 Maldini (510k) – 8.1/10

  • Games: 16
  • Goals: 1
  • Assists: 0
  • Chem: Anchor
  • Verdict: I used Maldini’s Prime version back on FUT18, so I pretty much knew how rapid he was going to feel. I used him at CB but started as a LB to get the 10 chem, which is how I recommend using this card for sure. If anything, I was slightly underwhelmed by this card, as good as it is, I thought he would be even more of a wall. Where Moore seems extremely composed, Maldini doesn’t quite have the same confidence on the ball, all the more reason to not actually use him as an LB. Also, the aggression is too low, thus he doesn’t feel forceful enough in his challenges. However, on the positives, his positioning is quality with the M/H workrates, 4* weak foot is a nice addition to have, tackling is usually spot on, and I’ll say it again: he is rapid! His Mid is obviously slightly slower but makes up for it with better defending and physical stats, with an Anchor you'll be fine.

90 Lampard (600k) – 5.5/10

  • Games: 12
  • Goals: 7
  • Assists: 3
  • Chem: Engine
  • Verdict: I planned on having Lampard in my team a lot longer than I did. He isn’t useless, but he is a very limited player. I thought his shooting would be immense, but it was just pretty good, if anything a bit underwhelming as he missed some great chances. His main problem is just the sluggishness on the ball, he doesn’t move well even though I put an Engine on him. With his passing I expected some creativity, except it never transpired which is why he got so few assists. I will admit I threw him in the deep end by playing him in Div.1 Rivals (which I had only just achieved for the first time), so with people running around with TOTY Kanté next to Gullit he didn’t stand a chance. This card definitely falls under the category of someone you’ll only enjoy if you’re a big Chelsea fan who doesn’t care about fitting the meta..

85 Gattuso (370k) – 8.3/10

  • Games: 25
  • Goals: 1
  • Assists: 2
  • Chem: Shadow
  • Verdict: Such an impressive card. EA made a mess of Gattuso’s cards and gave his base version the highest total stats, so with that there is really no reason to spend extra on his Prime unless you value the aesthetic of owning the best version (more on that later). This card’s player model makes him feel a lot bigger than 5ft10in, as he is a veritable force to be reckoned with in the centre of the park. With a Shadow he can hunt attackers down, and nobody can fight him off with his combination of 84 strength and 95 aggression. Despite the average passing and dribbling stats, I always feel comfortable enough with him moving the play forward. All in all, he’s a defensively sound player and will do all the dirty work, much resembling his characteristics in real life.

89 Gattuso (479k) – 7.9/10

  • Games: 14
  • Goals: 0
  • Assists: 4
  • Chem: Shadow
  • Verdict: If I could’ve used any chemistry style on this card, I would’ve gone for Engine to buff the passing and dribbling here, but since I already used his Base version with Shadow, I felt obliged to give a fair review to his Prime as well. Really, his defending doesn’t need a boost, it’s already top notch as all the stats are over 90 aside from heading. Either way, this card has no clear advantage over the Base version, so you’re basically paying an extra 100k for more hair on his player model. I would’ve kept him longer, but I had to sell both him and Baggio in order to avoid a dramatic loss of coins. I think the Moments version would be worth it for sure, and would probably feel like a slight increase on both the Base and Prime versions.

88 Litmanen (260k) – 7.1/10

  • Games: 13
  • Goals: 10
  • Assists: 3
  • Chem: Engine
  • Verdict: Here’s someone who I think is a hugely underrated Icon, due to the fact his base is unusable, and his Prime is hardly distinguished. This is Litmanen’s best version aside from the Moments one. If you stick to his strengths, he can flourish. His shooting is rightly his best stat, as he was a goal machine for Ajax, but his dribbling and passing are fine too with Engine. His 90 stamina is a nice bonus, but 22 aggression can be a problem, and the 3* skills on a CAM also sucks a bit. But overall, a good cheap Icon, extra points for the luxurious barnet.

87 Kaká (850k) – 8/10

  • Games: 35
  • Goals: 30
  • Assists: 20
  • Chem: Deadeye
  • Verdict: The first few matches on Squad Battles and Rivals he felt a bit stiff to move with as he’s quite tall for a dribbler and he really couldn’t finish well. As soon as I jumped into WL with him though, he moved up a gear. He makes fantastic runs, very comfortable on the ball, can hit good finesse shots and powerful ones in the box. 5* skills/4* weak foot makes this card another fun one to use. Not a game-changing Icon, but worth the coins in my opinion. One thing I’ll add is his stamina can drain if you utilise his pace too often, however his Prime’s stamina is +6 on this card, so he should be fine.

89 Rush (520k) – 2/10

  • Games: 6
  • Goals: 2
  • Assists: 2
  • Chem: Hunter
  • Verdict: Horrific. Can’t turn, lacks a burst of pace, can’t hold off defenders, and wasn’t even clinical. First 5 games he didn’t score once and by then I literally just wanted to play until he got a goal, ended up being 2 tap-ins in the next game. If I used him longer maybe it would’ve improved but I highly doubt it. Gets a 2/10 for the unreal moustache, but gameplay wise he has no redeeming features. The Moments card obviously has far better stats and the 5* weak foot, so I'm hoping he's better for any of you that do want him. He just feels very non-meta and I say this as someone who enjoys taller, clinical strikers.

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