Road to glory – Senegal: Week 1 “Don’t mask your deficiencies – exploit your strength!”

FIFA19 5 - Road to glory - Senegal: Week 1 "Don't mask your deficiencies - exploit your strength!"

So I played 42 games. I currently have 16-4-22 record. At some point it was 8-4-20 and I was hopeless, but let's begin from start.

I started my placement games with 4-2-2-2 formation, but I dropped it after first game. Then I changed to this formation: and stuck with it for the most of the week. It was bad though. Doesn't matter what I've done I just couldn't defend. I dropped out of division 5th pretty much immediately, not so long after I lost 10 games in a row and was greeted to division 7. I've never been lover than 6th last year. Gutting.

Adjustments this FIFA made just doesn't help me. EA nerfed goof defense of shitty defenders and I'm happy about it, but it's just so much harder to contain better players this year. As one could predict – Cisse and especially Kouyate on the wing was a bad idea and even with drop back, stay at the back and whatever they were exposed AF.

After loosing 10 games in a row I understand one thing that I failed to get whole last year. If you concede 5 goals against bang average teams and don't create anything because you're playing conservative, why bother? So I've switched my tactics from Drop Back/Balanced to Pressure after possesion loss/Fast build up. And adjusted my squad a bit to look like this: I had to make some hard decisions though.

First one was moving my best midfielder – Ndiaye to the Right Back, because I simply had to have someone fast on at least one of the flanks. Since I prefer not to move Gueye from his role (main CDM who drops back between defenders) I had to bench Kouyate and make room to Sankhare. Sankhare could be named Senegalese Xhaka, slow lefty midfielder who's somewhat good with the ball. Super unremarkable player but his skills were nice addition to my midfield trio.


Speaking of my midfield trio: Krepin Diatta with powerhouse is amazing midfielder!. He's so good on the ball carrying stuff and typically for FIFA not much worse on defensive end.

So after I switch my tactics to less conservative approach the game became much more enjoyable. 73 ovrl Diagne seems much happier to be chasing and bullying forwards all around the pitch rather than sitting deeply and maintaining (or failing to maintain) good position.

Keita Balde is my main striker. Dude has score 39 times in 42 games. I really like him, but I just can't finish normally with him. Sarr is probably worst my player so far, he's just so unnoticeable. Completely opposite to Sarr is Ndiaye Diedhou. My second top scorer and best link up player in the squad, sadly I'll surely drop him after a month. I look forward to having Mane in my squad and because of they way FUT is created I must keep inferior Sarr in my squad (to keep my players at max chem I start with this formation:

However Mane isn't the player I mostly look forward to. My defense is so pitiful and cringeworthy my only hope is that Koulibaly (who's suspiciously cheap this year) will come and will have similar effect that VVD had on Liverpool. I like Diagne, but with his misplaced tackles I'll never come higher than .400 record.

All in all I'm quite happy right now and I hope I'll be able to come back to 5th division.

Oh, and Gueye is completely awesome player.

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