Road to glory – Senegal: Week 2 “I have amazing defenders and atrocious defense”

FIFA19 7 - Road to glory - Senegal: Week 2 "I have amazing defenders and atrocious defense"

First of all, this is how i mostly have played this week: on top is how I set up, on below is the way I change to in game. Last week my record was 16-4-22 . Right now it's 23-11-29

Apparently the rule of "when you get stronger you play worse" is valid for make-shift Senegalese squad too. Last week I was joyous with how my team had adjusted and almost leveled out my W/L record. Then TOTW came out. O M G, IF Sane. My god it's amazing. It's first month of the game and I already have better defenders than I had last year. Then I managed to buy Koulibaly too! So suddenly I have super respectable defensive triangle between IF Sane, Koulibaly and "drop back" Gueye. So surely I started playing much better and marched straight to 5th division!

Well… no. Maybe it's because of update and me being not adjusted to it. Every single one of my defenders is Senegalese embodiment of traffic cone. My wings are split wide open and it's so easy to attack despite how much I try to cover them. I played Ndiaye as my RB all week to give me attacking support, but because I lost few games in a row where my defense was abysmal I decided to put him back where he belongs (center midfield) ant try my slow boy Kouyate with shadow on top as a RB.

Right, I'm going to play with two fullbacks as "stay at the back" defenders. I really hope that eventually it'll help me to defend and I'll manage to take the ball away from your Willians and other players with above-decent ball control. I really hope that Kouyate will score a header against someone in real life and it will get him an IF card. His 81 rated card with improved speed would let my team to go to another level.


All in all I'm still really happy that I have quality center backs. You can have ups and downs, but eventually that quality starts to matter. I know my defense will be much better.

There's some good stuff too. My front three of Ndiaye, Balde and Sarr starts clicking. Sarr scored around 15 goals in this week and created much more chances than he used to before. Why was that? Maybe because I switched him to "run in behind". I hope it's not because of support that Badou Ndiaye provided him as a RB, because if that's the case I'm screwed (since I decided to move him back to the midfield). Balde is still good. Keeping his one goal per game ratio.

I also try to find some impact subs. So far no good. Only one "interesting" player is a tree with personality and consciousness – Mbaye Diagne. Even his 93 ovrl card last year wasn't that good, so it's safe to say that his 78 rated one isn't a miracle either. But he's a tall dude that allows me to try simulate France national team with Giroud up top. Basically never works, but when it does I feel like I'm the next coming of Jose Mourinho.

So next week will be all about the defense. I'll try as much combinations as I need to get rid of that feeling that I'm going to concede every single attack.

For those who give feedback, thank you very much. Link to the previous post: and I want you to know that Senegal plays Brazil tomorrow. Hopefully they'll beat them and someone will get an IF. Keep your fingers crossed.

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