Road to glory – Senegal: Week 3 “Perception is important, but I suck even more”

FIFA19 4 - Road to glory - Senegal: Week 3 "Perception is important, but I suck even more"

Huh, that was a labouring week. After last week's post I decided to take advice of someone and fit in Mbaye Niang in to my squad. What's result of that and my stubbornness? I'm in relegation battle for division 7. Last week my record was 23-11-29 . Right now it's 39-22-52. Warning, on this one I get a bit nostalgic.

So basically It's all on Niang. I tried to fit him in. Meaning I played 4-1-2-1-2 with him and Keita upfront, also, in times of despair I played formations like 4-3-1-2 with Racine Coly as my LB (he's 71 and it's not like he's 71, but he's op. No – he's just straight up shit). I even tried to turn on timed finishing for odd 15 games (lost most of them). So all in all my week was so terrible that I'm quite happy having only 13 wins less than defeats. Most importantly I'm (again) optimistic about my next week. Let me explain why,

I've already played more than 100 games with this squad and for most of them I always had one player on the bench who , despite of many variations of the squad I've tried never cracked my starting 11 or rotation. The same player looked to by linchpin of my success for last 5 games. That player is glorious Papakouli Diop
diop - Road to glory - Senegal: Week 3 "Perception is important, but I suck even more" If you'll open up this link you'll see why I've never played him. He's short, extra slow and there isn't a single stat that meaningfully raises him above likes of Kouyate. I've tried to play Kouyate quite often, but he always seemed to carry a penalty inside his pocket, his passes were abysmal and overall he felt not a step above that his card suggests. Logically, when I decided to come back to my most successful 4-3-2-1 formation, I've put back Gueye as my main CDM, having Diatta and Sankhare supporting him in the center midfield. After understanding that Sankhare in my team is exactly like Xhaka in Arsenal's real squad i decided to move on from him. Having to play Ndiaye as a full back and not trusting Kouyate anymore I had to turn my head toward Diop.

Actually, my favorite Senegalese FIFA player of all time was also CDM named Diop. It was Papa Bouba Diop He was super strong, stood 6'4 with his head down and had shot power of 99 (maybe Fifa 07 players will remember that Skill graph you could turn on in game, next to players name, he had maxed out long shots on that one). I liked him, because I could've score a goal with him and scream his name in my mate's face and that would annoy him. In game he felt like a Patrick Vieira. They don't make em' like that anymore.

However, Papakouli Diop played only 6 of my first 100 games, but having no other choice I slapped an anchor on him and put him as my main CDM. If old Diop felt like like Vieira this one does feel like… I don't know.. maybe Cannavaro mixed with Gattuso? Yes – he's slow, but he makes other slow too. And he always manages to be in right time right place. He intercepting so much tackles! Maybe even more than Gueye (who seems to enjoy his more creative role) did in that position. And Papakouli is great on the ball too. You just don't feel that his passing is only 68, you believe that he'll make that pass and he does. He already scored two goals too! With some players (cough.. Niang.. cough) you just don't feel you can score 1 on 1. With Papakouli it wasn't a problem you just feel that he'll slam the ball strongly and somewhat accurately.

So that was my ode to my new CDM. I really hope that I manage myself to not make him my scapegoat when things eventually go wrong.

What's up with other players? Keita has 120 goals in 116 games. Sarr is thriving after he regained his starting spot from Naing and Cisse is also much better full back than any other one I have. Sorry for doubting you two guys.

It seems, that till I can afford Mane I already found my best 11 and I need to squeeze out max out of it and make it back to the fucking Division 6th.

This is how I set up since revelation of Diop: (top is for how I set up and bottom how I play in game. Tactics: Drop down and possesion)

Thanks for feedback: I'll try to provide some more interesting material next week.

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