Road to glory – Senegal: Week 4 “OMG, I LOVE EA and I have supersub now”

FIFA19 1 - Road to glory - Senegal: Week 4 "OMG, I LOVE EA and I have supersub now"

Let me tell you how my weekend usually goes. I have all major senegalese players followed on Sofascore app (around 20 of them), go to work and wait for their performances to come. If performance is promising I get hyped up waiting for an new IF card. Last year I played more than 500 games with 75 rated GK A. Gomis and he was subpar, this year I gladly replaced him with upgraded E. Mendy who is 77 ovrl rated. And I completely forgot about Gomis (even didn't have him followed on my sofascore app). And overall I had a difficult week at work so I forgot about TOTW comming up.

Yesterday my mate shared me a photo of TOTW RW Naingolan and then I remembered I should probably check TOTW, but I was sure I'd knew if someone would've had a chance to get in. You can imagine my amazement when I saw A. Gomis made it into totw (apparently he had 9 saves against OL and 9.6 sofascore rating) I started laughing out of joy in the middle of the bus. Amazing, I finally will have Good, not decent goalkeeper. Even his stats are good. God I'm happy. This is why I'm doing this and this is why I'm going to continue doing it. The joy of unlikely addition beats the joy of having a strong squad with nice players by a long shot.

On this week I finally managed to get things more stable. Diop continues to be really strong as a CDM and Gueye with catalyst snapped on him looks really decent at build up. Last week I had a 39-22-52 record and was fighting against relegation of Div 7, right now it's 57-26-62 and I was just a win away from promotion to division 6, unfortunately right now I'm on a 3 defeat streak, but things still seem normal and promising. This is how I set up (bottom pic is formation that I switch in game), this seems to be sticking,


I started to use my makeshift RB Badou Ndiaye more on attack and I think it started paying up, my offense got just a tad bit more dynamic, I score more and more goals from position play, but of course still major part comes from counter attacks. My three starting forwards have been clicking more and more, but at the end of the week they stared receiving help from the bench. Niang, whose stint at the starting 11 was a huge failure for the club, embraced a bench role and won me few games with his last minute winners. Most of those was just a moments after I conceded what i thought depressing last minute goal. I even made a shitty quality video of Niang scoring winner (it's only from today's games, I'm not good at making of recording videos from PS4, that's why quality is that bad.) .

Defence is still a problem, and it will be unless Cisse will get an IF and FIFA will get an update, but I like it the way it is. If I'll be brave enough I will try to try out a formation balanced for keeping the lead. Maybe something like 4-2-3-1 wide.

I have a 100k already. Maybe I should start making money to buy Mane, but I'm so lazy for this. It was an amazing week though. I hope it'll continue this way. Again, thanks EA for acknowledging Gomis. I'd hope Cisse will be next, but he doesn't play for some reason.

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