RTTF Ante Rebić 20 Game Review

FIFA19 7 - RTTF Ante Rebić 20 Game Review

Hello all and welcome to the review nobody asked for or wanted in the first place!

Today we’re going to take an in-depth look at a man who might be best described a a generic faced Chuck Norris/Honey Badger crossover.

First things first – Here is the squad I was running him in and his stats (excuse the awful picture)

Squad: Stats:

Now onto the actual review..

Pace – 89: Rebić’s pace isn’t quite that of a cheetah but probably more like that of a moose. Moose are quite fast by the way. I also took the liberty to throw on a hunter card on him. Rebić had no problems whatsoever splitting the best defenses the Weekend League could offer. He quite often made runs behind that would lead to a clear opportunity that more often than not was smashed into the back of the net. Overall quite solid.

Shooting – 83: Now 83 shooting isn’t much to lay the eye on I know, but let me tell you.. this man shows no mercy for opposing goalkeepers. Rebić basically scores at will and nobody will stand in his way. Outside the box.. upper 90. Anywhere inside the box.. upper 90. Goal line.. you guessed it.. upper 90. Rebić doesn’t care whether he needs to blast it or finesse it, that ball will go in one way or another.

Dribbling – 84: When it comes to dribbling Rebić might look good on paper with a solid 84 but it feels about like a 75. Rebić almost feels like he’s wearing clogs kicking the ball about. Clogs must be his favorite shoes however because he still manages to pass defenders with simple skills moves and shimmies. Just don’t try anything too fancy with the man and he’ll handle like a dream.


Passing – 75: Rebić’s passing obviously isn’t his forte but he still manages just fine. I think this might be because of his tunnel vision focused on goal. He might not be able to thread the needle but he can lob a pass over the top or out wide no problem. He’ll still bag assists especially if you’re playing another speedster alongside him.

Defense – 39: You know that they say.. the best defense is a good offense and I think Rebić has that part covered just fine.

Physical – 86: Now this right here is where Rebić truly shines. Standing at 6’1” (185cm) With 86 strength it’s fair to say not many people are pulling this man off the ball. He’s on there like white on rice. Coupled with his speed this boulder of a man is guaranteed to roll over some defenses

Overall: Rebić has proved time and again why paying 49k for him was a quality investment. He’s actually dropped into the 30k range now. He’d be an excellent addition to any team I believe. He’s also got the chance of upgrading later on. Frankfurt won their group easily and I expect them to continue that form over Shakhtar Donetsk.

Hope you all enjoyed and thanks for reading!

TL;DR: RTTF Rebić is a beast and will break defenses and haunt the dreams of goalkeepers across FUT. Highly recommended.

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