RTTF Cards Final Group Stage Round Update (Groups A-D)

FIFA19 3 - RTTF Cards Final Group Stage Round Update (Groups A-D)

This are the final standings for RTTF Cards of players playing tonight in Champions League Groups A-D.

Player Team Current Rating Potential Next Upgrade Final Team Position Qualification Status
Griezmann (ST) Atletico Madrid 90 91 2nd Progressed – Will Be Upgraded
Philipp (ST) Borussia Dortmund 82 84 1st Progressed – Will Be Upgraded
Perisic (LM) Inter 87 88 3rd Eliminated – Becomes Europa Card – No Upgrade
Fabinho (CDM) Liverpool 86 87 2nd Progressed – Will Be Upgraded
Hamsik (CM) Napoli 88 89 3rd Eliminated – Becomes Europa Card – No Upgrade
Alex Telles (LB) Porto 86 87 1st Progressed – Will Be Upgraded
Pique (CB) Barcelona 88 89 1st Progressed – Will Be Upgraded
Sanchez (CB) Tottenham 86 87 2nd Progressed – Will Be Upgraded
Fahrmann (GK) Schalke 85 86 2nd Progressed – Will Be Upgraded
Kimpembe (CB) PSG 85 86 1st Progressed – Will Be Upgraded


How do you know which upgrade my player will receive?

I've read this link. You should too.

My team has qualified. When will my cards upgrade?


To my knowledge, we haven't had a time or date confirmed. EA's FAQ page states that the upgrades will happen "each time their team succeeds at select stages during the tournament", and also that "Dynamic Player Items can take a few hours to update in-game". So if doesn't happen tonight, then you can expect them to be upgraded by the end of the final matches tomorrow.

However, to save my bacon, I'm going to say you can definitely expect your card to be upgraded before the 12th February 2019, which is when the Round of 16 begins.

Ignore that paragprah, and have a read of /u/ninjaciego's pinned tweet instead.

My team hasn't gone through to the knockout stages. What happens to my card now?

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If your team has finished 3rd in the group stage, then comiserations – but all is not lost! Your card will automatically change to a significantly less attractive Europa League RTTF card (which means it will still be eligible for upgrades should their team progress through the latter stages) but will miss out on the first upgrade opportunity this week.

If your team has finished 4th, then unfortunately your card will stay as a nice shiny Champions League RTTF card which you can sit and gaze longingly at in your club, safe in the knowledge that its value will slowly depreciate and will eventually be rendered worthless by the thousands of ridiculously inflated end-stage promo cards that EA will inevitably bring out in a last stage attempt to squeeze out what little cash you have left before FIFA 20 is released into your greedy little paws and the cycle of misery begins again it won't be upgraded further.

Where are the rest of the cards?

They play tomorrow. I'll update then. Be patient.

My card has gone up/down by x amount since I purchased it. When should I sell?

That's up to you, I don't really care.

When is Futmas?

What? Wrong thread, I don't know. Friday I think.

Which cards should I invest in?

SIF Mkhitaryan.

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