Ryan Giggs Review

FIFA19 6 - Ryan Giggs Review

Ok lads, I know most people won’t benefit from this because Giggs is at the bottom of the iconswap shopping list but I decided to go for him and this is how I feel. This review is based off 10 games in D3.

  • Games Played: 10

  • Goals: 8

  • Assists: 12

  • Chem Style: Hawk (would love to use hunter but I can’t fucken buy one in time)

  • Brothers wives shagged: 1


  • His card suggests he has 84acc and 84ss but my he feels a lot more rapid than that, maybe it’s hawk, maybe it’s just the card but he feels very silky and quick, he only has 80 agility but you wouldn’t be able to tell.


  • Tbf this is a stat I wasn’t worried about, I play a 433(5) and my wingers tend to get their goals by receiving a driven cross or running into the box and tapping it around the keeper and that’s exactly how I’ve scored all my goals with him. I tried a few long shots and none of them went in but they did result in corners which I guess is fine. All in all, he gets in the box and scores: and that’s all I can ask.


  • Now this one is good, 90 pass and you can notice. His crosses are pinpoint no matter who you aim for, his long balls are great and he’s fantastic at small tiki taka around the opponents box. Happy as Larry with this.


  • Great. He’s only got 3* skills but it doesn’t bother me because I fucking suck at skilling and the fact that the Ronaldo Chop is now 3* makes him completely useable. L1 dribbling feels smooth and I don’t worry on the ball.


  • irrelevant, he plays so high up that I haven’t needed to tackle


  • This stat is a touch annoying because it confuses me. One game he threw Van Dijk off the ball but the next game he was slaughtered by Yoshida. Most of the time though his attacking runs put him way beyond the defender anyway

Other Notes

  • His attack positioning (90) is amazing, he always seems to make the smartest runs and is always at the right place in the box to clean up a spill. He also has 90 composure which I feel a lot of people missed, inside the box he is lethal. He can’t head or jump for shit though so don’t bother crossing to him.

TLDR – If you want to go against the meta and have some fun but you can also see past 2* WF and aren’t fussed about 3* skills then I highly recommend Giggs. He’s been incredibly fun and versatile for me and has been a class above Sane who I replaced him with. I’m very happy that I picked him and cannot wait time partner him with Keane.

Any questions please ask!

Sorry if formatting is fucked I did this on mobile

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