SBC Gomis: The answer against dabbers or a wonderful striker you’ll never use (a review).

FIFA19 9 - SBC Gomis: The answer against dabbers or a wonderful striker you’ll never use (a review).

Spoiler alert: It will be a longer review than it needs to be, sorry for that and my English writing isn’t as good as I’d like it to be so sorry for that too.

After I found out that both Bafetimbi Gomis‘s parents are from Senegal I immediately did Saudi Arabia league SBC and put him in front of my squad (squad right now looks like this:
d8d176k84cl21 - SBC Gomis: The answer against dabbers or a wonderful striker you’ll never use (a review)., I switch to 4-2-3-1 (wide) in game).

Before getting him I’ve played with two pacey guys in Mane and Niang upfront and all my game was based on counter attacks and quick one-two passes and through balls with forwards. Implementing Gomis in all this was really painful, but after 80 games with him I’m starting to see benefits of adding this type of player to my squad. Right now I’m playing possession style football and having Gomis upfront opened much more opportunities for my offense.

Chemistry style: Hunter/Catalyst

Pace: 5/10

You don’t get this player because of his pace, his lack of speed is game changing, if you want to play drop back and counter attack this is not the player for you. Although putting catalyst or hunter on him fixes situation a bit. However due to his massive strength it’s hard for defender to catch him when he goes ahead, so he’s useful for short runs few meters behind the box.

Shooting: 9/10

Since I’ve been playing futswaps Niang and Mane as my strikers for most of the game I’ve learned to be very cautious with shooting. I’ve only felt comfortable shooting only finesse shots and only with their strong foot and only in certain angle in penalty box. Then my lion came in. It’s just so easy to score with him, just give him the ball in the penalty box and press shoot, left foot, right foot, far corner, near corner – doesn’t matter, ball finds the net really easily. Honestly I feel really sad that just right now I’ve started to learn how to do longer, position based attacks. For players who have strong midfield and are familiar with this play style – his shooting would be pleasant surprise.

Passing: 5/10


Since I’m playing Mane as a CAM behind him, during counter attacks I often use Gomis to hold the ball (since his lack of speed) and wait while Mane overlaps him. It would be much better play if he’d have better passing, that’s why I still haven’t decided whether fix this problem with Catalyst chem or keep maximizing his shooting with Hunter.

Dribbling: 10/10

Now this is the most amazing thing about him and I’m surely haven expected that. He has 4 star skill moves and 84 dribbling. Whatever the stats, if you give him the ball in the penalty box, ten flick the right stick in whatever direction and then just press shoot – it’s either a goal, a corner or a penalty. Honestly – it’s ridiculous. He feels like much more handsome version of Aguero. Ofc he’s not as fast as Argentinian, but the way the ball sticks to his feet is really similar to Aguero. I’ve scored a lot of goals with him when all I’ve done was wiggle right analogue stick intuitively and then pressed shoot (also shout out to EA for letting noobs like me enjoy the pleasure of dribbling). I have Sadio Mane in my team and Gomis is much better dribbler than him when he get’s the ball in the penalty box. Maybe it’s because Gomis’s composure is 90 and Mane’s 80, I don’t know.

Defense: 7/10

His 90 str, 90 heading and low speed means that he’s coming back for the corners to help. He’s not doing a bad job in this.

Strength: 7/10

Despite his good stats you just rarely feel that you overpower someone with him, his frame is just not big enough, however it’s also hard for your VVD’s and Campbell’s to overpower him. What disappointed me is his heading. I’m not scoring nearly as much headers with him as I’d like to.

Bonus – Celebration: 10/10

You just press X on your controller and he starts his roaring lion celebration. I just love this so much as an antidote against those dabbing and shushing wankers.

Final thoughts:

Gomis isn’t perfect striker by any means, and if you’ll do Saudi Arabia league SBC it’s probably still more reasonable for you to pick up A. Musa, but I cannot appreciate enough how much I liked the way I had to change my playstyle because of him. And when you adapt to him… Boy he’s good.

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