Scottish League SBC completed: here is my exact cost + rewards from every single team

FIFA19 5 - Scottish League SBC completed: here is my exact cost + rewards from every single team

So I decided to do this league sbc from scratch today, and decided to write down in a document what every sbc cost me and how much I got from rewards.

Couple of big tips to anyone planning to do this:

1.Don't use futbin, it's so easy to complete it yourself.

  1. Since all teams requires 95 chem, it means you can usually have 2 players completely off-chem and still reach 95 chem. Sometimes it means putting a striker on LB position. Make sure to check all your options before buying a player for 2k+.

  1. This may go without saying, but don't discard ANY non-rare gold card and silver cards, they usually all sell for 2-5x the discard price. Some rare golds however goes for 650/700, and at times I would discard them for 600 because of laziness.

Tierney is on paper one of the best LBs in the game, and he'll be playing on 8 chem since I've been lucky enough to pull an untradeable CB icon for the chemistry.

A while back I made a similar post for Serie A, you can find it here if you're curious:

Scottish Premiership SBC:


Cheapest price according to futbin: 5.9k

My total cost: 7400

Rewards: 4950 (Luiz Gustavo)

Tips: You can get this cheaper with loyalty, but the few thousand I’ll save by going in and out of 10 games for 20 minutes + spending contracts is simply not worth it.


Cheapest price according to futbin: 7.6k

My total cost: 6800

Rewards: 6900

Dundee FC:

Cheapest price according to futbin: 8.4k

My total cost: 8000

Rewards: 3900

Tips: ST + GK are extremely expensive, if you can put 2 off chem players in either both ST or 1 st/1 gk, then you can get the price down a little bit.


Cheapest price according to futbin: 4800

My total cost: 2950

Rewards: 5250 (I didn’t pack anything above 700, but with 12 silver players it’s almost impossible to lose money on this sbc)

Tips: the main expense are CBs here, hovering around 500-550, I spent 600 on a silver CB to bump rating, so I didn’t have to overspend in another position, and I also sniped one random bronze CB for 300, and put a random 200 card on the third CB spot. Rest is at pretty much ”min buy now”.

Read:  I believe my account is flagged as "addicted" and my pack weight is downed to minimum.


Cheapest price according to futbin: 6.3k

My total cost: 5300

Rewards: 4550


Cheapest price according to futbin: 8.2k

My total cost: 6100

Rewards: 3700

Tips: This team had a lot of cheap silver players, definitely worth to pay 300 for silver ST over 200 bronze ST to bump rating, so you can put a bronze player elsewhere where another silver player might be expensive.



Cheapest price according to futbin: 5200

My total cost: 3950

Rewards: 24500 (Thiago 86)

Tips: get a walkout, easy money! 😉


Cheapest price according to futbin: 3.1k

My total cost: 2150

Rewards: 3500 (didn’t get anything noticably, but this is one of those sbcs where you pretty much can’t lose money)

Tips: Every single card is 200 buy now, you can get this sbc cheaper by bidding 150 on every player if you have the patience. Also, you might need one silver player to bump the rating, but honestly just snipe any silver player (I got mine for 300) instead of buying the one from futbin which cost 700-800, and fill out the bronze players thereafter.


Cheapest price according to futbin: 7.9k

My total cost: 5900

Rewards: 5500

Tips: The tricky part here is the five midfielders. I tried to avoid as many CMs as possible, I ended up buying one CM for 1200, the rest consisted of 1xLM, 2xRM, 1xRWB.


Cheapest price according to futbin: 8.4k

My total cost: 7900

Rewards: 3650

St. Johnstone:

Cheapest price according to futbin: 6500

My total price: 7400

Rewards: 16500 (Lucas Vazquez + IF Ayhan)

Tips: This sbc actually pissed me off because there was some guy who were manipulating the prices for certain players. Tbh your best bet is to find a good sniping filter. I also used 61 LB on LM and a 55 CB on RB. Luckily I ended up getting real nice pulls.

St. Mirren:

Cheapest price according to futbin: 12.5k

My total cost: 4250

Read:  Disgraceful lack of Communication

Rewards: 4250

Tips: don’t buy GK Samson or any LBs. They are insanely overpriced. Look for cheap silvers to bump rating and go for the 51 rated CB on LB position.


TOTAL REWARD FOR WHOLE SBC: 87.1k (including Thiago + IF for 12k)

EFFECTIVE COST: no cost at all, I earned 19k on this sbc

(effective cost without any good pulls: 14k)

All in all, this was definitely worth my time. Even without the pulls the effective cost would’ve been around 14k, which I consider more than a bargain for one of the best LBs currently in the game. Like everyone know, the main problem is linking Tierney without an icon CB/CM/LM. Luckily I pulled an untradeable baby Hierro a while back, so I’ll be able to run this card with 8 chem. Even without an icon, you might want to consider getting him as a cheap defensive super sub as fullback/CB/CDM.

I recommend doing this sbc for obvious reasons! Good luck to anyone who’s going to do it!

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