Scream Jesus Navas Review

FIFA19 7 - Scream Jesus Navas Review

Hi lads, you seemed to enjoy my Giggs review so I thought I’d write a bit about Scream Jesus Navas who’s available as an SBC. Once again, this review is based off 10 games in D3.

I write this with my Gareth Bale card on the edge of being listed for transfer. Only thing stopping me is the fact that he’s only worth 160k now and I paid 210k for him & the fact that I hope I am not blinded by a new summer fling in Jesus Navas.

  • Games Played – 10

  • Goals – 6

  • Assists – 6

  • Chem Style – Deadeye

  • Sbc Cost – Cost me only 18k because I’m a tightass and never discard or sell packed players

  • Sins Repented – 1: His eyes are that damn beautiful that I couldn’t help myself


  • His card suggests he has 89 pace. He feels a lot quicker (not adama traore quick but Saint-Maxim quick) and he almost is never caught. I was only caught once and it was by IF Semedo.


  • Inside the box hes buries his chances, which is all I can ask for. What he can’t do that Bale could was finesse outside the box though I feel he has a better normal long shot than Bale and definitely has more power. I’m happy with this so far but I may want to see a few more games. But, he has 96 (yes 96) attack positioning, hes always in the right place.


  • His card suggests he has 79 passing and I would say that’s fair. Simple 1-2 tiki taka passing he is fine at and his crossing is 85 which has been great for me. All in all, happy.


  • This little slimy cunt is a gem, I don’t know how he does it but the bloke manages to get himself out of so many tight spots. Something I felt Bale was very clunky at (maybe it’s to do with the height difference too?). He’s very hard to push off the ball especially if you get a heavy touch in as he has 87 balance.


  • surprisingly hes more than I could’ve asked for in defence. He’s nothing crazy but he definitely gets his little toe on the ball during an opposition attack and is always back tracking


  • Not gonna lie, bit of a weak cunt. Easily countered though as you just need to heavy touch the ball and this little bolt is off. Has 99 stamina though which is good, keep that cunt on press and don’t feel bad for being an annoying bloke.


  • You might see is G/A return from games played. Yes it’s low but what he does right, to me, he does better than Bale and that’s why I’m considering the Welshman on the chopping block.


Look, he’s no end game player. Far from it. But what he’s brought my team is a burst of speed, a good cross, pressure and aggression. Don’t expect the bloke to win headers as he’s short enough to give Ibra a headjob standing, but expect him to always be in the right spot to pick up the scraps and burst passed the line and put in a great end product. For relatively dirt cheap, even if you think the blokes as useless as a nuns dildo, an 85 Spaniard sbc fodder for pennies is always great value.

Any questions, let me know!

Thanks for reading again guys.

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