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FIFA19 8 - Season rewards idea

So I thought about it and I think the rewards are pretty boring. I dont know about you guys but tifos and stadium themes doesnt make me tingle everytime I go up a level. Sure we might get something more fresh in some hours because season 1 was pretty dull. This idea is kinda "late" but its not like EA would have done this anyway.

So here we go. I picked silvers from all around the world(tried to stay away from some players who are likely to get some sort of Future Star card. Mostly these players are msot upvoted, meme, high skillmove/weak foot or just really good silver cards overall. These upgrades that I did was just simple however much the rating got upgraded all the other stats got the same upgrade. So example 70 rated card got 12+. Some cards got really good and others not so much. But this is more of a idea and not a final product. So please dont bash my picks because you dont see one from your team etc. Or just the fact that you are using a GOD squad. For many including me the most fun is to try out new cards.

The whole idea behind this is to get more depth, more variety in teams while this also brings more excitement to the season. We use the same players over and over agian every year with little to no change because of the lack of depth.


So lets say every 4 level in season you get to pick 1 out of 5 players. Maybe you fancy a strong link to Hulk? Or blasting Todibo with Lenglet and Umtiti in a 3 at the back. It's up to you, but pick wisely because you wont be able to get the 4 others.

Im not completly sold about this but these cards could also get upgraded. For every new season the cards you pick gets 2+ in rating and stats.Or we could put the upgrade behind a grind. But I feel like it would some way or another just get abused. People relegating themself for easier wins, goals etc. So I feel like the automatic upgrade after ended season is way better despite it not encouraging to log on and play.Or every season theres a new set of players and new rating. For example this season could have been all 82's while the next one could have been 84's and so on.

I hope you liked it and remember this is a unfinished idea who obviously need to be polished more.

Sorry about the GIF quality. It was a lazy job, but my photoshop skills is limited to paint. Sorry if my english/grammar is bad also. Im not from a country who uses english that much.

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