Several (cheap) icon reviews part 2

FIFA19 3 - Several (cheap) icon reviews part 2

Before you judge me realize I'm old enough to have prostate problems, and I would happily trade in my money for your youth.

Now we got that out of the way here it goes.

Rui costa 88: I added him with a late edit on my previous post, so this one is just in case you missed it. He's very strong on the ball, as expected with that strength dribbling combo, passing is pretty much flawless. Positioning is better than nakata since he doesn't hang back that much with his low defending workrate and I don't see that much difference with a high/medium workrate either (read: he makes good runs from the cam position to the goal when needed)

if you want a cheap rui costa, this years benzema is an option, his passing stats are pretty good especially if you put engine on him, and he has that same strength dribbling combo to be strong on the ball.

Vieri 86: Unlike the 88 version, this vieri has a harder time keeping the ball as a hold up striker, with his lower reactions and lower strength. He's faster tho, so on the turnover he can be better (especially also with his high attacking workrates) but he's not immune to pushing from the side like the 88 is.

Finishing is not too bad, and he's still stronger than most strikers, especially with that pace but don't expect this to be the cheap 88 version. He's more effective for quick plays, not for holding the ball, he's also better for high pressure play since he's faster and has high attacking workrates.


The notorious Nedved 89: Best long shots I had up until now , nedved is truly a distance shooter. Quite fast as well and in the box good finishing. Is actually an amazing striker, but it's kind of waste since he's also an amazing passer.

Only downer is his first touch, it's not that perfect as expected with 84 reactions, and he feels a bit clunky with his 84 agility as well but this is mostly noticable because the rest of his dribbling attributes are a lot better.

Ian rush 87: this is an interesting card, since he is, stat wise, similar to shevhenko 88. First thing I noticed he was a worse dribbler than shev, and that made it more difficult for me to create a chance for shooting. But he's a bit a faster and still good in keeping the ball tho. Still, at first I though this wasn't a very good buy, but then I started noticing that with every loose ball Ian rush was there to shoot it in. Ian rush is a great poacher, if you can't play fifa, buy this guy.

Crespo 87: As expected quite agile for such a big guy, and that's how you get that typical crespo gameplay, it's still there, keeps the ball closer to the foot than I thought (since this is mostly a problem with crespo), the passing ain't too bad either, sure it ain't great, but it's better in this one than in most other fifa's (apart from 14 of course there he was op)

Finishing and heading is great, this is a nice card.

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