Several (cheap) icons reviews

FIFA19 1 - Several (cheap) icons reviews

Before you judge me realize I'm 42 years old, and I would happily trade in my money for your youth.

Now we got that out of the way here it goes.

Nakata 86: Very strong on the ball, fast enough, finishing is ok, long shots are not as good as expected. Good passing. If it wasn't for his medium medium workrates I would have kept him longer.

Overmars 88: The pace lol, finishing is not bad at all especially with his 5 star wf, but obviously bullied of the ball quite quickly, still a good dribbler as well.

Shevchenko 88: Amazing positioning and faster than you would expect, especially when he get's going, passing is not too bad and quite a good dribbler as wel. Stronger on the ball than most players His finishing is off the charts, pretty much every shot goes in. Tried a free kick once and scored as well. Manages to get in headers as well.They did a good job on this shev

Butragueno 87: didn't like him that much, if you got delay he becomes worthless. Finishing is not as good as you would expect, it's still not bad tho. Gets bullied, he's fast, but not that fast, could have been better with high attacking workrates, or low defending workrates. His dribbling is obviously good.


Vieri 88: Plays like a juggernaut, once he gets going, and there no one in front of him, you can't stop him, 91 strength is insane. The pace is better than you would expect simply because he's so strong on the ball, you can't stop him from the sides. Finishing is close to shevchenko, so very good. Heading even better. His positioning is off the charts, obviously he doesn't turn very quickly but it's workable. A good target man as well, dribbling is good enough to keep the ball (especially cuz of the reactions), and passing isn't all that bad.


Just tested rui costa 88: he's very strong on the ball, as expected with that strength dribbling combo, passing is pretty much flawless. Positioning is better than nakata since he doesn't hang back that much with his low defending workrate and I don't see that much difference with a high/medium workrate either (read: he makes good runs from the cam position to the goal when needed)

Speed is good enough. Finishing too, when it's boosted (like with hunter). I also tried engine, and while his finishing will suffer from this, it will be pretty much impossible to steal the ball off him tho, if that's your kind of thing 🙂

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