Short Flashback Piszczek’s review

FIFA19 7 - Short Flashback Piszczek's review

So firstly, I have to say that I'm a Pole and I love Piszczek as a person, so I can be a little bit biased.
I had a doubts if I want to do this SBC, because I have an untradable Walker, which I used in my squad, but if you have same doubts DO IT!
(I tried him in a few rivals matches divs 6 and 5, all wins, some of them only because of Piszczek)

I use Piszczek in 4321 (4 width 4 depth, press after possession loss) with shadow chem style, stay back while attacking (just when winning or draw) and he is just amazing!!

Pace 9/10 – with shadow chem style he has 94 acceleration and 95 sprint speed and he feels just like that. I was surprised that he is so fast, didn't have any troubles with winning race with other players (he lost just one with otw Promes with 99 pace). He is very agile and fast. We all know that some players in fifa 20, even with 90+ pace, feels slow, but Piszczek isn't one of them.

Defending 10/10 – that is it! He won every tackle and every duel. With Walker or other RB I used, sometimes I had troubles, mostly with stronger wingers, but that wasn't the case with Piszczek. One guy, after loosing every duels on that flank, just changed attack sides, and even didn't try to run where Piszczek were. Seriously 😀


Positioning in defense 10/10 – he was always where I need him. And that was my biggest issue with Walker – sometimes he was in the center-mid possition, not on RB. Piszczek (when stay back while attacking option) was always in the right spot, waiting for strikers.
Attacking 7/10 – when I'm loosing, I change my tackting to depth 6-7, RB and LB join the attack, and constant preassure. I had to use this option in one match, when I was loosing in 40'th minutes 0-3 and… Piszczek had an assist with crossing after just 30 seconds… and we all know how hard crossing is in fifa 20. He was great as a winger, fast, dribble nice, and with great crossings. Just 7/10 because I didn't have a chance to strike with him, he didn't want to move on center possition to take a shot, but maby it is good behavior for RB.

Dribbling and ball control 9/10 – when I was dribbling with him on the wing, he didn't want to give the ball to opposition. Just using left stick with him is amazing. Sadly just 2* sm, that is why not 10/10

Stamina 8/10 – he has just 80 stamina, which would be a problem in Fifa 19, but in 20 it isn't. When he was in defense for 90 minutes, he was in great shape as expected. But even if I had to attack with my whole team when loosing (I used mostly Piszczek side, to try him out) he could run for 90 minutes also. That was stat, that I was mostly afraid of, but unnecessarily.

Summary 9,5/10 he is just amazing. I am so happy that I dropped Walker for Piszczek. If you have money to do this sbc, do it. Packs are pretty good, so it can be much cheaper. For every bundesliga squad or mix, like mine, he is great.

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