Short guide on making coins from TOTW announcement

FIFA19 2 - Short guide on making coins from TOTW announcement

Hi guys been a while since I did a guide on here so here’s a short one on how I made a quick 150k today.

When a totw gets announced like today and a player makes it with previous informs the other ones sometimes get panic sold. Our case study from this week: Ben Yedder. It also helps if the inform is a little unexpected as there hasn’t been a drop off factored into his price already. So today I picked up 4 of the SIF Ben Yedder and 5 of the first inform at around 5pm and flipped them earlier today after rewards. I bought 4 of the 86 at an average of 425 and flipped them at 472 average then I bought the 85 at an average of 195 and flipped at an average of 218. I could’ve bought more but I was trading some icons at the time and my budget was a little low.

How did I know that they were gonna rebound?

Let’s talk about how panic works. So people see the totw announcement and assume the inform will go down. So they panic sell and as a mass of people are doing it the undercuts drive the price down. Usually the minimum point is 90-120 minutes after the announcement. Some people think they will be able to sell the old one and get the new one others think they will pack the new one as a red (lol) and others just blindly panic sell and honestly I have no idea why sometimes but it just happens. So I knew Ben Yedder would rebound because obviously the 87 would be expensive, rewards was coming the day after and Ben Yedder is extremely meta so people will buy him back for their teams. Then once 6pm arrives and people see the price of the new TOTW, Ben Yedder rebounded and continued rising post rewards with the increased buying power


So how can you take advantage of this in the future?

Whenever there’s a TOTW with a META player preferably an attacker and you start seeing them drop by over 10% because of panic take a look at it. It usually works best with meta attackers in the 100k-1mil price range and it works especially well if a TOTW wasn’t expected for the player in question. More often than not you can buy the player and wait till rewards the next day and sell.

So this is a very short guide but it’s just a super easy technique that can make you an easy amount of coins here and there. It also works with cards that are going to get a new promo card but there’s more risk involved in that. I might do a massive guide on navigating panic on the market in the future and how to make tons of coins from it instead of losing coins like most players do.

As always check out my twitter: @FUTDonkey free tips and advice over there for trading I’m considering starting a free trading discord soon so if you’re into that type of thing check it out.

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