Sol Campbell 20 Game WL (Elite 3) Review

FIFA19 1 - Sol Campbell 20 Game WL (Elite 3) Review

Hello. Seeing a lot of mixed reviews and players asking whether or not to do the Campbell SBC. Hopefully I can provide some feedback that might be useful before doing his SBCs. Did the loan SBC earlier today and used him all 20 games on WL. During his time on my team, went 17-3. Please note review below is only my opinion and might be different from your play style.


Games played: 20 (Weekend League games 7 through 26)

Goals: 0

Assists: 1

Yellow/Red Card: 1/0

Position: RCB in a 4312 Formation. WL Squad

Chemistry Used: Shadow (8 Games), Anchor (5 Games), Backbone (4 Games), and Basic (3 Games)

Pace (7/10):

Sol Campbell is one of the quickest CBs this year based on face stats alone. If you slap a shadow chem on him, he boosts up to a 92 Acceleration and 93 Sprint Speed. Tried him with other chem styles and did not notice much of a difference. He is quick but feels slow compared to Prime Rio and 92 Maldini who I used that have similar pace stats. He had no issues tracking back and catching up to players with 80-90 pace.

Interceptions/Marking/Positioning (7/10):

Sol Campbell is LAZY on the field. Not in a bad way but he seems to move only when needed. His positioning is decent but at times I found the opponent's attacker catching him off guard. He is at the right place/time most of the times. Very good at cutting passing lanes.

Shooting/Attacking (5/10):

I had to put my team on "Ultra Attacking" during 2 of the games I lost. Changed instructions to join the attack but he was nowhere to be found on the opponent's half. Only time he was an attacking "threat" was during corners. His 88 Jumping and 6'2" give him an advantage over some defenders. Most of his headers went straight to the keeper or sailed over the bar.

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Passing (8/10):

I pass around the ball a lot between CB/CMs and was surprised by Campbell's accuracy. His short passing is very good and ball curved around the opponent few times. Long passing was decent but did not risk it many times. The one time it paid off (his only assist) was a 40m pass to Aguero out of nowhere.

Stand Tackle (10/10):

Amazing. If the opponent had the ball within his 5m radius, they had no chance. The best thing about his stand tackle is that he does it very smoothly. Issues I've faced with CBs similar to his size, they would give away too many fouls. He seems to only get the ball. I tend to get a lot of yellow cards but got only 1 during the 20 games.

Slide Tackle (8/10):

He was successful at sliding to intercept. Noticed he covers a large area wherever he slides tackles.

Strength (10/10):

This guy definitely has a presence on the field. He is big, tall, and strong. He bullied players like Koulibaly and Harry Kane. Not sure if it is based on his strength stats, but was surprised at the amount of players who got injured when they came up against him. Can count at least 3 players during the 20 game span. Had poor Christian Eriksen go up against him with a ball in the air. He just bumped with Campbell and came down rolling on the ground injured.

Overall (7/10):

Great player and a game changer but not an end game CB like Maldini. Seen some people compare him to VVD but would rate him better. Comparing to non-icon players, he plays more like a stronger Koulibaly. In my opinion, it is tempting to do his SBC but will wait. EA is planning to release more icon SBCs and we still have 30 days to complete his SBC. Highly recommend to do his 20 game loan SBC before thinking about the main SBC.

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