Some thoughts to share after playing full Arsenal squad in Rivals Div 4

FIFA19 10 - Some thoughts to share after playing full Arsenal squad in Rivals Div 4

So, yesterday I decided to play full Arsenal squad to secure my Div 4 Rank 1.Here are some thoughts on players and squad in general.I wouldn't talk to much about attacking trio, just say they are quite good attackers, but I have some concerns (I'll share them in general squad thoughts)

Torreira good. Maybe I'm biased but for me he really is. Hard to take a ball from him even though he has 66 strength. Great balance (93), decent pace + 4* skill moves. Can't wait for his special card.

Sokratis is great defender. Powerful, good in air, bit lack of passing, but for me it's ok.

Bellerin and Kolasinac is okay.

Leno is very inconsistent. Sometimes he makes great saves, sometimes makes howlers.

Koscielny is awful. Slow, clunky, weak. Real downgrade in comparison to his 18 version.

Iwobi and Welbeck also a disaster. Bad speed and acceleration, bad dribbling, awful shooting and quite bad passing.

General thoughts on squad performance.


This squad is quite enjoyable to play with if you are an Arsenal fan. It is quite clear that the squad is not competitive in terms of WL or Rivals, but if you don't care about wins, you can give it a try.

It has 3 obvious week spots (Iwobi, Welbeck and Koscielny). Nothing you can do about it, unless you play narrow formations. If it is the case, you can change Iwobi and Welbeck for Ozil and IF Xhaka.

Returning to the concerns about attacking trio.

It feels like their stats are decreased to fit with other players in squad. I've experienced more bad passes/touches/shots

playing them in this squad than when I playing my main team.

Also, i think if I would run 75 rare golds instead of Arsenal higher rated non rare golds, the squad would be felt better. I don't know why, but non rare golds feels more clunky than rares gold even if they are lower rated.

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All in all, I feel more satisfied and less angry when I play this squad. I think I even scored more beautiful goals with this squad in about 15 games than in hundreds with my main one.

I'm going to play WL with this squad and my aim for this week is G3.

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