Some Volta info from EA Play

FIFA19 7 - Some Volta info from EA Play

Here's a thread of a couple of things I can share with you guys about the new Volta game mode in case anyone is interested.

-Different ways to play-

Kick Off: You play with professional real players and kits.

Story: It's your character going thru the story mode (like The Journey) and this eventually turns into ->

Volta World: Which is basically PVE, similar to Squad Battles. You play other people's squads going around the world so you get to play in places like Toyko, Amsterdam, London, etc.

Volta League: Which is basically PVP. You play online vs other people. When you play VL you have the options to control all players on your team or the option to only control your character. At launch, team play will not be supported, meaning that you won't be able to play online with your friends, BUT there's room for the game to "evolve" so hopefully this will be an option at some point.

-Building your character-

You'll basically have the opportunity to build your own customized character. You can select pre-determined characters or you can create your own (chose your clothing, face, hairstyle, tattos, etc.

There's a store where you can buy items for your character (hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, shorts, pants, etc). This store will work with Volta Coins, which is the in-game currency of Volta (no microtranstactions).

You get to earn your Volta Coins by completing in-game challenges. Win 5 games in a row or score 10 goals in 1 match or something like that. These are not actual challenges, I just made them up as an example.


The store is dynamic, meaning that items in the store will only be available for a limited time. Example: After 15 days, the store refreshes and old items will not be available anymore.

You'll have the ability to customize your "home pitch". As in, walls or no walls, the pitch size etc.

– Flair and Celebrations –

The way to trigger your skills moves or "flair" is by holding L2 + R2 at the same time and then the right stick. So L2+R2 + Right Stick. This will only work in Volta, not in regular FUT or other game modes.

There are a lot of type of unique celebrations, a few of them utilize the wall and they look pretty cool. Example: you score and you run towars the wall and your player will jump towards the wall and do a back flip and stuff like that. Goal replays have a lot of cool different angles like from a cctv camera or from someone in the crowd holding a mobile phone.

So far the game mode itself looks fun. Customization seems very deep, as in, you have A LOT of different ways to customize your character.

The ability to not be able to play with your friends online at launch IMHO is kinda unfortunate as it might dictate whether the mode is played a lot or not at all.

Let me know if you guys have any other questions and i'll see if I can answer them.

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