Squad Battles has got worse post patch.

FIFA19 6 - Squad Battles has got worse post patch.

Squad battles has gone to absolute pot for me. The games seem more sluggish, the goalkeepers continue to be absolute clowns coming out when I am not calling them out and then just standing still while the shot goes past them. And the biggest difference: the amount of 90th minute goals I am conceding is simply pathetic. Double rebound headers, deflected shots through two of my defenders legs, all happening frighteningly often. I like the card collecting aspect of this game and building teams to share and compare with my mates, but with the connectivity/delay problems, I now refuse to play online, until it is sorted. I was using Squad battles as my place of refuge until (if ever) something is done about connectivity, but the delay is starting to get worse on squad battles as well and I am therefore wondering should I give this game any of my time?


Sorry about the rant, needed somewhere to vent, so am happy to take all the downvotes as they come, but I just feel the state of this gameplay is very worrying at the moment. And for someone who has played this game religiously for about 8 years, this is the closest I have come to calling it a day with FIFA for good.

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