Squad battles is a mess

FIFA19 2 - Squad battles is a mess

There are so many problems with this mode it’s ridiculous. Ranging from the gameplay to the rewards, it’s all awful. Ive been playing on Legendary from the beginning and consistently get Elite 1. The gameplay is never very entertaining when you’re playing the computer, but SB takes it to a new level. From the start of the game the opposition will completely park the bus and the defenders all play like prime Rio’s. Manage to create some space against the 8 defenders? Unlucky, shots been blocked. Manage to get a clear shot on target? Unlucky, the goalkeeper has pulled a worldie…again. What’s even worse is that whenever the CPU has any opportunity to score they’ll take it. I’m talking 35 yard perfect finesses from the 80 CM. Another thing that’s just frustrating if the sheer amount of god teams that have a full bronze bench. Essentially meaning you’re getting barely any points for playing against a very hard opposition. Can’t there be a filter that checks the bench OVR to the rest of the team, how hard can that be? Then there’s the rewards. After a full week of working your arse off you get 30k and 2 rare mega packs. The 30k coins is nice, there’s definitely that. But I don’t think I’m the only one that thinks that the 55k packs are beyond awful, and this is evident in all the SB reward threads every Monday. 2 50k packs seems much more equivalent to the amount of time and effort you have to put into the mode to get Elite 1. Apologies for the wall of rant but it’s just becoming increasingly frustrating.


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