Squad battles is the biggest testament in the game the “momentum” does exist in the game…hear me out

FIFA19 3 - Squad battles is the biggest testament in the game the "momentum" does exist in the game...hear me out

Honestly, after playing over 1709 games of fifa 19 I've had my doubts about momentum, scripting, or adaptive difficulty (as it should be rightly called).

With that said, after playing squad battles again after not touching that game mode for months. I believe that adaptive difficulty does exist in the game.

Let me begin: 1. The biggest evidence for me is the fact that in squad battles you can choose different difficulties for the same players. Let me state that again. You can choose different difficulties for the same players. They have the same stats yet they will play entirely differently. So regardless of the stats of each player, EA has the ability to determine how an AI player will perform. They are able to do that, can we agree on that?

For those that have played squad battles, you know that AI players on the lower difficulties will give you more open spaces, the goalies will let easy balls in and defenders will lose their mark even high rated ones. On high difficulties, AI players will be beast even of they are bronzes. We know this for a fact.

  1. Now i will get on to a more controversial point. Those who have played enough squad battles know that during the course of a match, the AI players will play differently on the score. We all have seen those videos were the AI scores some crazy goals. Happened to me today while doing collins objective on professional against a bronze squad. The players became beasts all of a sudden and my defenders lost their marking easily.

What does this tell us. To me, it seems that EA has the programming needed to change the difficulty so to say of how the AI players actually act in the game. Meaning, that AI players will go from playing in professional to legendary within a single match.

  1. Even more controversial. This reminds of when I first installed FIFA 19 back in september. I remember that one of the introductory boxes had something about "adaptive difficulty". I reinstalled the game several times after and have not seem that box again. I really wish I had the original installation files since there was another broken feature in the game that disappeared in the latest installation files (which makes me believe i had some beta version). At the time, this did not seem odd to me, but i wish i had taken a screenshot of it. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, please post it.

Now, some of you may be thinking A."okay, it happens in squad battles, what does that have to do with online FUT?" B. "Even if it were true, we still control our players."

A. It appears to me that the same programming is in FUT. I do believe this adaptive difficulty stuff changes the momentum of the game and it is responsible for many videos we see and why people feel frustrated with the game and find it unfair.

We know that EA can set different behaviors for the AI and we can deduce that they can change it during a match.

How can you notice this is happening in game? For example, my defenders will start in world class and will not leave any openings, after i scored my third goal. My defenders will be out of position often like if they were in amateur and my opponet's attackers will find themselves open. It works the other way, if I'm losing, my midfielders will make better movements across the pitch and will be less marked. My attackers will make better horizontal and vertical runs.


B. True, but in a match you are always controlling one player. This means that the AI behavior of the other 10 players will have a big impact on the outcome of the game. If you cant find an open attacker because he will play like a bronze, then you will score less. Or if your opponents sanchez all of a sudden get bumped into legendary, than you will not be able to find the net. Even worse, I've seen gold Neto perform and block more shots than De Gea. If your defenders get lowered to amateur, then you will concede more goals and your opponent will catch up.

**In other words, AI behavior does have an impact in game regardless of your individual skill and they can swing matches since you are controlling only one player out of eleven. And if tue games changes the behavior of those players, you will win or lose matches based on this. Just the keeper is enough to sink you! **

"But pros, they are consistent…"

Yes, but having high rated meta players will help against adaptive difficulty. Even in lower levels, OP defenders will still play very well. The raw power of their stats will overtake them.

I was playing a high rated squad last sunday in amateur just to get enough points for the futswap player and the defenders in amateur were leaving no gaps. I had played against an mid 80 rated squad before on legendary, and the defenders on amteur were still doing better than the lower rated ones on legendary. This means that the cure for adaptive difficulty is to get better players which is what FUT is all about and feels EA's pockets.

Why does EA do this? Some of you may say that EA does not need to this since players in rivals will often get matched against players with the same ELO.

Yet… EA knows their user base. They know that with a few exceptions, most FIFA players are millenials who grew up during the self-esteem movement where everyone of us got a star and we got last place trophies. This is why adaptive difficulty exist. To avoid crushing defeats that would discourage most players and prevent them from opening packs.

In conclusion, adaptive difficulty helps to keep the game balance in EA's eyes and the only way to over come it is to get better players by buying FP. Squad battles shows us that the programming is already in the game to control behavior of AI players which will have a big impact on the results of the games. By creating more/less shooting or passing opportunities.

P.S. my pack luck will be very bad for the next few weeks. XD

P.S.S love dinho and he doesnt care about scripting, momentum, or adaptive difficulty. He is a beast.

Edit: I guess the whole point of this point is to let people feel better about themselves. Unless you are playing at a pro level and can afford mega squads, there will be matches that seem unfair and you will lose. However, i believe that given what I wrote, it is more important to have fun and enjoy playing the game and forget about winning. Play with more varied squads and tactics forget the meta because even if you do everything "right", in the end it will not make a big difference. So have fun!

Dont let EA off the hook though

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