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FIFA19 9 - Survey Results

Out of 174 responses:

54.7% of respondents gave Fifa 19 a score of 5 or lower out of 10.

69% of respondents said that Fifa 19 was pay to win.

87.4% of respondents said that they had experienced a player being caught from behind by another player who should not have caught them. (Kroos catching POTM Auba, Fabinho catching Hazard, Casemiro catching Neymar etc…)

83.3% of respondents said that they had experienced their players suddenly unable to complete simply passes when they had been passing well earlier in that same game.

83.3% of respondents said that EA prioritizes making money over developing the game’s mechanics.

52.9% of respondents said they would switch to another football game if it did not have in-game transactions. 35.6% said they would maybe switch.

81% of respondents said they have experienced their players slowing down randomly, or have had a player outrun someone they should not have. (Pjanic outrunning IF Manolas with shadow, Modric outrunning Kimpembe with shadow, etc…)

Out of the types of goals scored, 51% percent of respondents said they scored most of their goals via timed finesse, with 38.5% saying they scored most of their goals with regular shots (not timed).


78.7% of respondents said EA does not listen to player feedback.

11.7% of respondents said they would NOT be buying Fifa 20, 39.7% responded maybe. 48.9% responded they would still buy Fifa 20.

83.3% of respondents said they had experienced the game unfairly rewarding the opposition by “gifting” them a goal.

42% of respondents said they felt like the game unfairly rewarded Icon or high 90+ rated players by allowing shots or passes from them to be successful that would not have been successful if taken by a base card. 26.4% said they had maybe experienced this.

53.4% of respondents said it should be easier to pack 87+ rated players,

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77% of respondents said that the cost to complete SBC’s was too high for the rewards they were getting out of them.

There was an open answer question titled: “what should EA do to make the game more enjoyable.” The most popular answers were:

•remove scripting •increase skill gap •Fix servers •Fix unrealistic game mechanics

Make of these results what you will.

Edit: keep in mind these survey results do not reflect my personal opinion, they reflect how the respondents feel.

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