Thank You Ultimate Team I Have Fond Memories

FIFA19 10 - Thank You Ultimate Team I Have Fond Memories

Ultimate team was an amazing idea and whoever created it deserves a pat on the back if not a huge bonus, the idea of being able to play a competitive online game mode where you trade and play with your favorite players, honestly it was genius and i commend EA for creating this game mode, sadly though I think this is where we part ways. I'm not done with fifa if thats what you're thinking, I'll almost certainly buy fifa 20, I love pro clubs with my mates and I love career mode but I think FUT has run its course for me. Honestly I just don't enjoy it any more, its just too sweaty, too cliche and not enjoyable. This isn't for me any more, I want to play this game to wind down, relax and use my favorite real world players in a game but Ultimate Team is't that for me any more. I just don't want to play it any more, I get angry, I get stressed, it occupies a huge part of my life, and at the end of the day its simply not worth it, I mean what does having a 192 rated team actually matter? I love the idea but its developed into something grotesque, if you love the sweaty, mechanics abusing, competitive gameplay then by all means take every drop of fun you can from this game but for me its over, I'll likely dabble in FUT next year, maybe build an alternative squad (Belgian League, Mexican Players, that kind of thing) and just do online single matches but not this whole saga again. I went all in on Icons this year and I wish I hadn't, as much fun as Best or Van Basten or Matthaus can be, when they under-perform it changes me into a person I dont like and that is largely down to inconsistent (and i do think sometimes scripted) gameplay. So I'm done with it, I'm gonna spend a few hours tomorrow pouring my coins into upgrade packs and then I think that's it. Its been a good few years (at least 7+) but I cant deal with this any more. I hate the fact that wherever I am at 6pm every day I check to see if there's a new sbc out, that just shouldn't happen. That addiction is something I really hate and I have to cut it out, if you still love it dont let me knock you whatever works for you! But for me this is the end (mostly). I honestly just think the whole format is very unhealthy and creates addiction and an aggressive and impatient personality in it players. Over the years there has been a lot to enjoy about this game mode but this is where it comes to an end, maybe if the gameplay was consistent I'd carry on, maybe if (even every now and again) packs gave out worthwhile rewards I'd keep going, maybe if the gameplay wasn't so toxic I'd be able to enjoy i but at this point honesty I sit here and wonder why I care what player I get out a pack cos it will never satisfy me. If you think bout it, if you opened a pack tomorrow and PIM R9 or PIM Gullit walked out would that make you happy really, or would you sell them, make your team better and then think 'oh I could improve there', honestly this game will never make you happy and it keeps this cycle of addiction going. Like I said if you really enjoy this game mode still dont let me knock it whatever works for you but for me, tomorrow at 6pm is farewell.


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