The case for buying packs.

FIFA19 3 - The case for buying packs.

There are so many good reasons for buying fifa points, where do we even begin. Let’s go through them one by one and hopefully anyone who even thinks about not giving EA their money reevaluates their life choices.

  • EA has done everything they can to make the most enjoyable, fair and best competative game in the world. What kind of message does it send when someone despite of this does not spend 1K+ buying packs? Having a dev-team consisting of two game developers, ten gaming psychologists and ten gambling engagement specialists is not cheap!

  • FUT barely accumulated about a billion in profit last year. It would be very safe to say that all of this profit have gone directly into making the game even better. I have no doubt. Imagine if everyone doubled their pack buying budget? We have seen what EA has accomplished with 1b, imagine 2b!

  • By giving our money to EA we send a clear message to EA that we acknowledge and are greatfull for all the hard work they do. Every single pack promo, every lightning round and all the hard work that goes into making the game so much better year after year. Giving EA money is essentially the best way to communicate just how impressed and content we are with fifa.

  • EA have been tirelessly developing Fifa for decades. To see how far we have come after all these years. How tackling, passing and especially finishing has gone from decent to perfectly tuned and a what can only be described as a mirror image how how skill plays out on the real pitch. This alone should be reason to consider getting a loan or maxing out the credit card.

  • imagine what could potentially happen if more and more people stopped giving EA money. EA might be forced to change their development strategy and focus away from their current agenda. Imagine all those younger players who may feel some type of accomplishment, scoring great rebound goals and corners, how would they feel if EA suddenly had to give some attention to those players who selfishly want to play a good and fair competative fotball game?

  • The ceo of EA have a couple private jets at his disposal, yet there are thousands of airports.. If everyone just pitched in we could ensure that no EA ceo would have to wait for his private plane to arrive. I say one at every airport is sufficient and what this honorable and morally sound individual deserves. He has given so much to us, the least we can do is ensure a frictionless travel experience so that more time can be spent further perfecting fifa.

  • EA is very good at marketing fifa, but if we buy more pack the word can spread further. As we know fifa is proudly the best fotball in the world, link, crushing all the competitors so much so that you have probably never heard about all the other licensed fotball games with casino style game modes. I bet you cant think of any.

  • Pre fifa19, EA rightfully boasted that timed-finishing was there to “further increase the skill gap” (direct quote), but surprisingly the consensus seems to be that the community thinks the game is more rng. The notion that EA would mislead and give a false impression to make money is absurd. Ea would never do that. By buying packs we show support and loyalty against these vile conspirators that seem to think fifa is somehow engeneered from the ground up to maximize engagement and profit.

I hope this post helps to motivate everyone to continue their full support for EA so that they can continue on the path they are on, to innovate and fully polish what may be the best video game of all time. Fifa 19.

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