The drop back destroyer

FIFA19 5 - The drop back destroyer

In light of my park the bus tactics here today I share my fun ones specifically designed to counter the former.

In fut the most popular form of playing is on the counter attack, where the defence sits deep until the opponent makes a mistake on the ball and attacks the space left behind by players pushing forward. In real life Mourinho has used this approach to win lots of trophies.


Mourinho however while at Real Madrid was beaten comprehensively by guardiola's Barcelona and klopp's Dortmund. Both these teams had counter pressing as a common feature in their different tactical approaches. This counter press stopped the counter attack at its source.


Both teams played narrow with full backs providing the width. This does not work in fut as no players cover this space as well as they do in real life, even with the cover wide instruction.

Also there is no formation in fut that provides narrow wingers and a cam that both teams used. They also had at least one ball playing cb, which is not utilised enough in fut.

Another key component in real life football not well recreated in meta Fut is the compression of the team. I.e. Small distance between attack and defence hence less space to pass.

This has been best recreated in fut by 4312 41212 2 and 4231 which coincidentally is what most pro players used.

•How to recreate compression and counter press.

Formation 4312- allows for narrow wingers a ten a cdm and pivot defender.

Instructions/player archetypes

•Gk default Neuer de gea legend handanovic, fb cech

•Rb/Lb Sandro, telles, Marcelo, cancelo, lala, walker

Stay back conservative interceptions

Will still push up and can be forced up manually with quick tactics and lb/l1 runs, but with conservative interceptions tracks back quicker without looking to intercept passes. Ironic for a high press team but this provides the cover for our human errors.

•Cb1 stayback default Van dijk, varane, fb luiz, icon

Your stopper/sweeper, good passing ideally high def work rate, but more importantly quick as we will hold a high line to cover counters caused by human or ai error.

•Cb2 ball playing cb

join attack aggressive interceptions.

Acts as an cdm in this formation and is thus better placed to cut out counters and give less space in midfield. Needs high stamina interceptions, passing (not vision) and dribbling. blanc, azpi, luiz, van dijk, matthaus, rijkaard, Ramos (ideal), hierro

•Central cm

mobile cdm

aggressive interceptions cover centre


Cb2 in general will be a big but maybe slow mid so we need a partner to compliment that. That is quick and mobile. Naingolann, Sanches, tolisso, kante, can, vieira, Keane, makele, tolisso

•Wide cms

get forward agressive interceptions cover wide

To make up for the numerical advantage a drop back setup has in defence we push up the wide cms to press and occupy the fullbacks creating either a 3v2 or 3v3 up top.

Need to be high stamina mobile and very technically gifted

De bruyne, firmino, hamsik, modric, kovacic, goretzka, bonaventura, naingolan, can, kante, gullit, pogba, ali, Ballack, Gerrard, Sanches


stay forward agressive interceptions

Essentially a third striker


False 9 agressive interceptions stay forward

These three are high stamina highly mobile attackers with high agility, and with good jumping, 4 star skills plus and reactions to make use of tight spaces in attack. These press the cbs and compress the team by having 3 cam/cfs as a front three. They are able to make runs and press from deeper positions catching your opponent out and covering more of his passing options.

You want your quickest players wide as sts and strongest cam as most likely to draw out cbs in 3v2 situations. Left footer of high weakfoot left, right foot fight for driven shots and driven pass cutbacks.

Fab ibra, Martial, mane, Ronaldo, messi, son, mbappe, dybala, mertens, perisic, lacazette, fekir, aubameyang, neymar, Werner, Reus, rashford, icons

•Custom tactics

Fast Build up klopp,

possession Guardiola

Attacking Width 7 Players in box 7 Corners setpieces 3

Defence Press after heavy touch klopp Press after possession loss guardiola

Defensive line 7 Defensive width 4

presses high with least stamina loss. Keeps team compressed and allows the cb1 and fullbacks to cover up for you

With this I get elite 3/2 consistently in fut champs and win more convincingly doing so against defensive opponents. It is also better defensively than 2512 system I’ve seen here.

I advise to have more defensive dynamic tactic with this system for attacking players and use quick tactics hug touch line, get in box attacking fullbacks, and team press against the best defenders.

Hope you enjoyed the guide and best of luck trying to use it.

Team, expensive but I play/ trade a lot and still f2p.

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