The easiest way to improve your WL result is your attitude towards the game and the opponents

FIFA19 10 - The easiest way to improve your WL result is your attitude towards the game and the opponents

Your opponent is doing full celebration / shushing / dabbing? Put a bottle of water in your room and drink a bit after a goal. Stand up and stretch. Good for your health.

You missed a big chance? It’s ok, your opponent does too, just luck, you will get the chance back in no time. He is scared. Focus on the current situation, stop thinking about what happened.

You lost to penalty shootouts / Lost to a really close game / Lost due to some bullshit game mechanics? It’s okay, first it’s just luck, everyone got it playing the game, your mind is just wired to remember your bad luck better. Second, you will get matched against an easier opponent next. I lost to all 4 penalty shootouts in the last WL too, very very close games, it sucked but it’s okay. I faced easier opponents after that.

On a losing streak? Go out and do some exercises for an hour and come back. Clear your mind. Improve your health.

Your opponent got a god squad? Doesn’t matter, he can be shit too. I have somehow won against 93-rated teams with Eusebio, R9, Vieira, Gullit, and TOTY CR7, VVD, etc a lot easier than facing some random 88-rated squads. I know you did too. Just focus on the game. Sometimes the opponent will be a lot more stressful because they know they have to win against weaker squads.

Faced a super strong opponent who dominated you? GG, he’s really good. You will get matched with someone easier.


Don’t taunt your opponent after a goal, it is actually a lot more effective when you do R1 L1, skip the goal celebration, get back into focus mode, don’t give your opponent time to calm down. He will start right away, you score another one within 5 minutes and you know the game is over.

Don’t give up. If he can do it, you can do it too. How many times you were 2 ahead and ended up losing? How many times you were so happy he rage-quitted after 2 goals? This WL I had a game when I was 3 down after half time, managed to equalise, 1 down in the first extra half, and managed to score 2 in the second one. Sometimes if you are really lucky, he might get disconnected at 90 mins too 🤪. So, fight till the end.

Don’t set your overall target too early. Not until the end. Just play every games the same way you do. Stop when you are happy with your current result. Fixing towards 17 wins when you are just 5 games in doesn’t make any sense.

———— I am a div. 4-5 player on PC, I am new to Fifa than most of you, got into Fifa because there was a $20 promo 2 months back. I used to play competitive games a lot (Grandmaster StarCraft / 4800+ MMR DotA back then). I played a total of 5 WLs so far. My first WL was Silver 1, then 2x Gold 1, then Gold 2 in the last 2, with 2-5 games to spare.

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