The entire collection of FIFA 19 content mistakes

FIFA19 4 - The entire collection of FIFA 19 content mistakes

Was thinking about all the mistakes EA have made with content and thought it might be nice to put them all together on one page l.

Here’s all the ones I could remember please comment any I’ve missed or any corrections!

  • Flashback David Luiz card different to the one tweeted, had to be upgraded in game

  • Laporte gold upgrade card being packed while he has an inform out
  • Winter OTW graphic tweeted but OTW Giovinco isn’t in it even though he is in the game

  • Henry Prime Moment card has the Viera description on the EA website, even though Viera hasn’t been released as prime moment
  • EA’s German FUT twitter account tweets, and quickly deletes, graphic of OTWs before they are due to be released. Ratings and nationalities are wrong

  • Marquee Matchup for Mexican league match requires max 3 Mexican rather than minimum, encouraging you to not use any Mexican players
  • EA Snapchat posts Steven Nzonzi Road to the Final card to represent Roma. That card does not exist and Florenzi has one they could’ve used.
  • Voting for Bundesliga POTM describes the Italian player Caligiuri as German
  • February FUT swap SBC describes the card as being forJanuary
  • Wrong Milan badge used in marquee matchups
  • Graphics of new cards tweeted out are show to just be poorly overlaid on old tweeted out graphics

(Saw a reddit post about this but can’t find it now, anyone got the link?)

  • Scream cards were released in the Halloween promo with the promise that they would have two stats upgraded and over time these would change so that they had different variations of upgraded stats. They finally got upgraded 3 months later


  • Rewards were released for total game time. These were done incorrectly, got removed then reintroduced

  • Quincy Promes got a MOTM card for his performance with Sevilla. The card tweeted played for Spartak Moscow

  • A Christian Eriksen inform card was released at the wrong rating and had to be upgraded

  • UEFA Europa League Live cards were tweeted out, however Mathieu and Kondogbia were missing from graphic and had to be tweeted separately

  • Future Star Ndombele SBC had a Netherlands flag instead of French flag for one of its sub SBCs

  • Special Goalkeeper cards have been released without having their reactions stat upgraded
  • Inform Sommer has 88 reflexes on the card yet 87 when you view his details

  • Flashback cards getting excessively reduced stamina
  • Marquee Matchups SBC includes a SBC for a Czech Republic vs Slovenia game when they actually played Slovakia

  • POTM Sancho released at LM instead of the advertised RM, SBC was removed and reintroduced with changed position

  • POTM Sancho SBC has section described as building a squad around Sancho yet the brick slot is German not English

  • ICON SBC set released too cheap meaning players could keep doing it for the packs, removed and reintroduced with worse pack rewards

  • Ultimate Scream Koke SBC tweeted as being available when it wasn’t, correction was tweeted out

  • Dynamic faces don’t always appear on cards in game
  • Daily Rewards were deemed too good by EA. They got removed and reintroduced much worse

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