The Future of Fifa: Why Fifa needs a complete overhaul. How integrating Career Mode, My Pro, and other modes into FUT could be a win-win for players and EA.

FIFA19 5 - The Future of Fifa: Why Fifa needs a complete overhaul. How integrating Career Mode, My Pro, and other modes into FUT could be a win-win for players and EA.

I read so many great post on here with ideas for future fifas only to get shot down by so many of us with this one line, ‘that won’t make EA money so they’ll never do that’. Which I 100% agree with. Look at every other mode besides FUT. Hell even look at FUT. How much content actually gets added each year? Sure we’ll see some slick promo video from EA featuring some new tech which will either be used very little (no touch dribbling) or some new mechanic that hasn’t been thoroughly tested and breaks gameplay (I’m looking at you Timed Finesse Shots). But how much actual content gets added? A few stadiums, maybe some more player face scans, more kits, and maybe a lower level League is all content that EA will brag about adding.

While these are nice they don’t really add new “content” to the game. What I mean by content is new ways to play or interact with the game. Not just a reskin of a card we have been playing with for the past five years with slightly different attributes. What is sorely missing from fifa is variety in the modes and how you play the game. The Journey, while it is flawed and not very much loved was so exciting to see as a fan because it was finally something new. To be honest I haven’t finished all of them but I appreciate fifa trying something different.

The main reason fifa has felt so frustrating over the past few years is obviously the gameplay. Another huge reason why I am personally losing my obsession with fifa is that it just doesn’t feel new anymore. I used to buy the 100$ version every year on launch day, and spend anywhere from 20-200$ a year on fifa packs. But because fifa has nothing new to add besides updated rosters every year and a gimmicky game mechanic I now wait till it’s on sale for about 35$ before I buy it. I never buy packs anymore. What fifa needs is a complete overhaul. The currently model, while making them loads of money is bound to crash eventually as more and more people become bored and frustrated with the inconsistent, AI heavy gameplay and lack of new content. Not to mention the possible banning of fifa packs and loot boxes as they could be considered a form of gambling for minors. Fifa needs to diversify their content and the game modes, which will allow for not only more monetization opportunities, but a more engaged, happy fan base.

Battle passes are a very popular trend in gaming and I feel many users would pay for a feature like that. Exclusive challenges for special FUT cards. A guaranteed high rated card if you play enough games or score enough goals. Essentially what they do now with the weekly and daily rewards but with better, more lucrative rewards. It could also give FUT packs every week similar to the deluxe editions. Higher coin rewards per game. 5 free squad fitness cards every week. There are so many things they could do with it. I haven’t bought packs in years but if I could spend 10-15$ and end up getting an extra 500k in coins, special exclusive players and challenges, free contracts, fitness cards, and free packs over the course of like a 3 month period; then I would feel way better and more likely to buy something like that then a few gold packs which usually get you nothing. I hate myself for saying this but I feel like with the state of games the way they are it has come to this, ea needs to add more content so they can get people to buy more things. Packs have lost there luster on some but are still a huge money maker for EA. I feel like this can’t last forever as more and more people realize how little they actually get back from putting real money into this game. With that being said, here are some ideas on how Fifa could be changed around to not only add content for the fan base, but also open up more opportunities for Ea to monetize things.

My Pro ideas:

The Journey tried to introduce a story driven mode but really failed to take on for a few reasons. The story felt too scripted and no matter what you did in game the story progressed how it wanted to. The second biggest problem was that the mode chose to focus on a fictional character who we could not customize at all. This lead to many people not caring what happened as they had no interest in the character and felt like they were more just along for the ride than a active participant. So here is my idea. Overhaul the My Pro system to be the new “Journey” mode. This would allow the player to customize their player and have more of a connection to the mode.

The My Pro character could go through a similar offline story driven journey mode where they progress from playing in the streets with their friends all the way to the pros. Where this would differ is the inclusion of online play. The main focus of this mode would be an online hub called My Neighboorhood. This would consist of your house, the park, the shop, the hub, and the stadium. Your house would be a place to own and customize. Imagine being able to show off your trophies that you earn as you play and progress from the game. Get a cool ball, cleats, jersey in a pack? Display them in cases around your house. Buy an icon for FUT on the market, get a signed jersey that you can proudly display on your walls. Invite your friends over to watch game highlights or live champions league matches on your tv.

As you progress through your career you can move to nicer and bigger houses in better neighborhoods to show off to your friends. Invite your friends to live in your neighborhood so you can check out their accomplishments and see how they customize their house.

The park would be located by your house and consist of a few fields for training or playing pick up games. These fields could range from a full size pitch to a small futsal field suitable for 3v3, (where you can play short, 5 min drop in 3v3 games ala Rocket League style) There could also be training drills which you could play with your friends to practice certain situations or challenge your friends to see who can get the high score.

The shop is pretty straight forward but it would be a virtual store space where you could view the latest goods that you can purchase to improve your neighborhood. The hub would be a social space that would help promote a more positive and healthy community. At the hub you can watch highlights and videos of fifa gameplay as well as clips,highlights, and even full matches of real life soccer games. How cool would it be to be able to watch a rivalry game virtually amongst a group of friends and fellow supporters. The hub would also help allow groups to organize before heading into the stadium for full matches.

The stadium would have a few purposes. Mainly this would function as My Pro did in the past. A place to drop in games as well as to have team on team seasons matches. The stadium would also be a place to train your player. These trainings are more effective but are also less frequent than the training in the park that you can do whenever you want. The stadium, just like your house, can be upgraded to provide more types of training situations. Imagine being able to build your own custom stadium. You start off with a small field with a few bleachers and progress all the way to a stadium with enough seating to hold 100,000 people. The bigger the stadium, the more coins per match you earn. Build up your training ground around your stadium as well as your youth and scouting facilities. Now imagine if this stadium that is used in your My Pro mode is also the one that is used for your FUT stadium. It would give the players something to show off and give them something to work towards and progress through the year. Add banners from winning divisions and tournaments. This stadium if you want, could also be used in the new online connected manager mode. My idea is that all the modes flow into each other and are connected in some way.

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Manager Mode Ideas-

The manager mode has given me the hardest time in figuring out how this would work. People have mentioned before that Madden Ultimate team has a online career mode, so if people know more about this or have ideas about how it could work please leave ideas. The problem with manger mode currently, besides seeing no major upgrades in years, is that you have to play the AI. I don’t know about you but I hate playing the computer, its not nearly rewarding as beating a real person and on harder difficulties the computer feels like it is cheating. Being able to take your team online and play with all those wonder kids you traded for and trained since they were 17 would be awesome.

Fifa has by far the most amount of in game players in any sports game and it is sad that only a few hundred of these see any real use. Yes, people would still use many of the same players as they would find who has the most potential and train those players the hardest, but these players are usually very low rated in FUT and almost never used. This would open up a whole other pool of players who are already in the game by making them viable options. The manager mode would function very similarly to how it works now. You would still be able to train, scout, trade, and manage your team like normal. An offline mode like normal would still be available.

How the online mode would differ is a manager reputation system. Like the “My Pro” system, you start off as a low level manager. Instead of a house you can customize your office. This would be featured when signing players, managing team sheets, finances and watching scouting footage. You start off only being able to manage low level teams. This again promotes more usage of the players that are already in the game. Season matches are played by the player vs. other real life players and their manager mode squads. Ideally they would be in the same league as yours, but some compromises must be made in the sake of functionality as a truly realistic mode might be impossible/not fun to play. You could play through at your own pace but some caps in the form of stamina loss or timers might need to be put in place to stop players from training their players and boosting there stats at a rate too fast.

In order for this to work I think that the player needs to able to play at there own pace. Having a limit on the amount of games you can play is not a good idea. The player will have challenges and goals that they have to meet to earn manager reputation. When enough reputation is earned new squad options are available and the manger can move to a better team. In order to stop people from getting to year 2500, when you transfer to a different team, the year is reset back to year one with all player progress going back to the beginning. What I mean is that if you were the coach of a team in the 4th division the upgrades that players outside your team had gained would reset back to their original starting point. Your former team and players would still maintain there progress and training that you did. This way you would be able to not only trade for former players you liked and trained hard with, but you would also be able to scout and see the ratings of potential players to buy in the future. Your scouting desk would actually matter as you could see how some players progress and take note of who to buy when you move to a bigger team who is able to afford them.


As you play and earn more manger reputation you unlock international manger duty where you start off managing either lower tier nations or youth teams of larger nations. Since International games happen less frequently, they would happen only on weekends similar to weekend league. You can play a certain amount of games to earn different tier rewards, more manager reputation and rewards for other modes like My Pro cosmetics, or FUT packs. As you earn more and more reputation you are finally able to manage a tier 1 team like Barcelona or Man City. Remember that when you switch teams the year resets back to the year 1. Hopefully by the time you reach this tier, it has been atleast a few months into the games life. With about 40 games a season and a 20 year cap, you will be able to play up to 800 games with this team before hitting the year cap and your players no longer upgrading. That way you can play the 20 or so seasons that it allows and trade /train your way to an incredible team. If you reach the max year with a tier 1 team, you can start a new team at any time with added bonuses and a larger transfer budget. All old teams are saved and can be played with in online singles and the new draft mode. Even if nothing is changed to how manager mode functions currently, being able to play people online with these teams would make the mode immensely more enjoyable.

Fut Draft

I enjoy the current model of how the draft mode works but I feel like so much more could be done with it. In other games there are often rotating playlists with unique and different game modes. Draft could become this changing playlist for fifa. Fifa introduced some new game modes this year but they are only available offline in kick off mode. Why? How many of you have actually played these? Why can’t we have these slightly wacky and fun game modes to play online with? A draft mode where after you concede a goal you get to swap for a player on you opponents team. A mode where every field player is a goalie. A no goalie mode but with small training nets? 2v2 draft where you take turns building the team. There are so many little tweaks or changes they could make to keep the gameplay fresh and people coming back excited to try out a new mode. Instead now we get to play the same game mode over and over and over again but with just different players. Yay.

Ideas for Squad Battles

I for one think this is one of the most useless and annoying things fifa has added in recent years. Most of the teams you face are either super squads with many toty and special cards or those random squads that are high rated golds with some random bronzes. On lower difficulty it’s too easy and you can score like 10 goals a game and then set your controller down and on higher difficulties that low rated bronze plays like Pele. Do people actually enjoy this mode or just play it to grind out wins for rewards? In stead imagine if Squad Battles was actually true to its name. A battle between our best squads.

-No Chemistry! Play with all of your favorite players Fut players no matter what league or nation they play for. Players can also be played in any position you like. -Add players from your Online Career Mode squad Imagine being able to play with all those players you worked hard to trade and train with. -My Pro Add your customized pro you’ve trained with and see how they play with real pro players and icons -Bronze,Silver,Gold, and Elite tournaments. The return of bronze and silver tournaments, this time with no chemistry so you can truly utilize the best that silver and bronze players have to offer.

New Mode- Champions League

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Ea has done a pretty poor job incorporating their new license for the Champions League and I think a more realistic mode centered around it would be a great opportunity. Want to prove you are the best of the best? The new Champions League Mode would be a manual settings only mode. A place for players who really want to prove themselves and don’t want the quick, arcade, ping pong no look passing that the regular Fut mode offers. This mode would feel almost like a different game and would allow for players who want a more realistic experience to really dig in and play against other like minded people.

New Mode- Futsal/Indoor

Why oh why Ea have you not made another Fifa Street? I know many people miss this and want it back but a simple thing EA could do is give us a futsal or indoor field. We don’t need the crazy skill moves from street, just allowing us to use normal skills on a small field would be incredible. 3v3 up to 5v5. This could have two modes, one with 1 player controlling all the players, similar to the regular modes, as well as a My Pro version where you only control your pro and are teamed up with other people. This eliminates some of the frustrations with the ai that is in the My Pro Mode by getting rid of them completely. This also solves the problem of people not wanting to play as a defender in my pro because in a small 3v3 indoor field you are involved in all of the play. A mode like this could also help promote a healthy community. Small team modes I feel would encourage people to use their mics and possibly change the hostility people currently have for their opponents.If nothing else please add something like this EA.


I’ve played thousands of games of fifa, do you know how many people I’ve added to my friends list over these years. 2. In playing Apex occasionally since it’s release I’ve added 5 friends. I’m talking about maybe 10 hours total in Apex vs. years of playing fifa. Why is this game so toxic? Well first and foremost it’s because unlike a lot of other competitive games it’s 1v1. This automatically creates tension between you and your opponent. With the inclusion of some of the new modes and changes I’ve talked about this could really help build the community. Imagine if MY Pro was more popular and connected to your fut team like I mentioned. Finding good quality teammates is vital to your success. By promoting modes like this that encourage team play we can start to hopefully build a fifa community that actively engages with others. Have a good match in FuT? Invite then to play a 2v2 draft mode with you. Come up against a good skiller? Invite them to your neighborhood training ground and play some skill games with them, or better yet added them to your 3v3 My Pro futsal team. I know many people are assholes and might not do things like this but I feel some effort has to be made to help strengthen the fifa community, cause right now the only communication I get from fellow players on fifa is messages trash talking after a game.

How these changes are beneficial to EA

We all know Ea is all about making as much as possible. How does adding these new modes benefit EA? By allowing more chances to monetize the game. I mentioned a battle pass type situation earlier but Ea could also change how there beloved coughgamblingcough I mean pack system works. Packs could no longer just focus on FUT items, but also could give items to your My Pro, Online Career Mode, Cosmetic items for your Neighborhood, etc. Packs could be broken into general packs that give items out for all the modes or more specific ones, where for example you are guaranteed 4 Manager items out of the 12 if you open a Fut Manager pack, or My Pro items if you open a My Pro pack. This would dilute some of the rewards even more thus resulting in people having to open more packs to try and get the items they want. Does this kinda suck…yes. But to be honest I’d trade this system in return for a game that has more modes and things for me to do.

Yes, it may be more grindy but imagine having something worthwhile to grind for? Or if you are tired of grinding FUT champs you could always switch to another mode and play. As I stated earlier these modes would have some sort of connection meaning that you are still benefiting your FUT team while you are playing the career mode or My Pro as you are earning more coins. All modes would earn you coins to be spent in any of the modes. This would also help sell more packs and battle passes as coins you earn and spend would be spread out amongst all the new modes. Spent too much upgrading your stadium and a new FUT card comes out you want? Well this tempts the player to buy more packs. I hate to encourage EA by telling us to dilute the packs and make us grind more, but if that means adding actual content then I’m fine with it; As long as I can still achieve these things simply by playing the game. Seriously, what has happened this year is ridiculous with the prices of the top level players. People will grind or trade and find ways but EA has to do a better job balancing this. People who put in the time should be rewarded as such and the others who want to pay…well let them waste their money on it if it means that we all can get a better fifa.

I love Fifa, and have spent countless hours of my life playing it but am starting to see my admiration for it die and my will to play it disappear. I hope by having a positive discussion on how we want the future of fifa to look will hopefully one day influence the team at EA to give us more than a just a yearly re-skin of the game. Thanks for your time, I know this is a long post but I hate to see my favorite game ignore the issues we have with gameplay and never try and freshen up or step outside of the box with their gameplay ideas.

TL;DR As a lifelong Fifa player I feel the game is becoming stale and the luster of FUT has worn off. Ea needs to change and innovate. First and foremost fix the inconsistency/randomness/bs of gameplay and the issues with server lag and input delay. Second, implement new ways and modes to interact with our team. By combining all modes into FUT, we as a player have more things to do and can spend more time playing the game. In return Ea also has more opportunities to get the player hooked by offering more modes to play and grind towards and tempting people buy packs/passes instead of grinding for players and coins.

More content for us, more money for EA. Win Win.

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