The Mezzala: Perfecting your 3-man midfield

FIFA19 1 - The Mezzala: Perfecting your 3-man midfield

This is a quick write-up I wanted to do on the role of the "Mezzala" and how it can change your gameplay, and also more importantly, make FIFA a little more fun.

What is the Mezzala? The "Mezzala" is Italian for "half-winger". More specifically, these are usually the LCM or RCM in a 3-man midfield. Its a midfielder who plays centrally but also is able to play on the flanks. The Mezzala is similar to a box-to-box midfielder but has less defensive responsibilities. Their role is to operate in attacking areas in positions an inside-forward would find themselves in. It is an attacking-minded role that operates more on the flanks, finding space in the half-spaces to combine with the wingers and bring other players into the attack. One of the most famous examples of the Mezzala was Iniesta, who operated exclusively in a 3-man midfield for Barcelona.

Traits of a Mezzala * High dribbling and skill * High passing ability * Usually has higher pace (70+) and stamina

The Formation Many players utilize 4231 in FIFA 19. 4231 is a great formation but if you are looking for a counter for 4231, I highly recommend 433(2). If you have the correct midfield personnel, your 3-man midfield will overrun the opposition's 2-man pivot (the CDM's) and you be deadly on the counter as well if you choose to play that way.

The best selections is to have a "destroyer" CDM, have a CM who is more box-to-box (UCL Renato Sanches, Goretzka, Nainggolan, even Kante) and then have your Mezzala. More into player selection in the next section.

Any 3-man midfield you could try utilizing a Mezzala but you'll find that the 433 is the most effective for this because the Mezzala can combine with the wingers, and will also have more space to operate since the wingers are spreading the opposition out.


Players in FIFA 19 Many FIFA players consider players like Keita, Wijnaldum Kovacic, Rakitic, Pjanic, Thiago, etc. basically unusable. These are all great examples of players who would fill the role as a "Mezzala" for your 3-man midfield. Probably the best option right now and most popular would be Paul Pogba. You could even fit in the likes of David Silva, Eriksen, De Bruyne and CAM's.

When choosing your Mezzala, you want to make sure to choose players with higher pace, high agility with dribbling, high dribbling (at least 4* skills is helpful) and high passing.

Now you may be asking, why not just choose another Box-to-Box midfielder? Why not have my CDM then add Kante and Nainggolan? Unless you have millions of coins and can afford Gullit, Vieira and players of that caliber, there just are not many affordable box-to-box players who can provide the offensive firepower required.

Gameplay I personally like having my Mezzala operate on the left side, while my box-to-box operates on the right. Use the Mezzala to drive your attack since he will be your best dribbling midfielder. The thing that makes having a Mezzala fun to have is how quickly you can counter attack or create opportunities. For example, I've been using UCL Keita and IF Wijnaldum in my team and they have been really good in connecting my midfield to my wingers and drive my attack forward. They've also gotten into dangerous positions in the attacking third to create chances.

Hopefully this write-up is somewhat interesting. I found it quite difficult to explain in detail while keeping it short so maybe I'll make a video. Now you can finally try out all those "tidy midfielders" you always wanted to use but never thought about actually using in FIFA.

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