The Moderator Team has increased from 8 Mods to 21 Mods! (inb4 we’re all gonna be censored by EA shills…)

FIFA19 4 - The Moderator Team has increased from 8 Mods to 21 Mods! (inb4 we're all gonna be censored by EA shills...)

As communicated a few weeks ago, FIFA has become a bit too toxic and negative over the last year and this has made it difficult for anyone outside of FIFA to even want to participate in discussions with our community. We also, as a subreddit, need to find more ways to highlight the real useful information and overall establish a community that favors quality over OMG WHY DOES EA HATE US ALL THIS GAME IS BROKEN WHICH PACK SHOULD I BUY TO FIX IT?

We put out a call for moderators and, though I was worried that our intent to add at least 12 more moderators would come up short — we actually just added 13 new mods, bringing the total moderator team to 21. That's two full TOTW's if you add /u/Automoderator.

In addition to coming to the horrible realization that EA does not, in fact, pay us at all and that no one is getting free Icons, the crew has been busy learning the in and outs of moderating and giving a lot of feedback on changes and additions they'd like to help create on FIFA.

So without further fanfare since they'll no longer be liked after today, we welcome the following moderators to the team*:

  • /u/Davelbast
  • /u/TheMartinUriarte
  • /u/iamstrg
  • /u/oneniI
  • /u/xd366
  • /u/YatoGami28
  • /u/Kristo93
  • /u/NathanSztr
  • /u/onedostresariba
  • /u/fromdowntownn
  • /u/daniel2090
  • /u/robbophile
  • /u/TheBigBaconator

*Their OTW cards will be available in packs for the next 24 hours and go for discard.

We will let them speak for themselves, but they all come with a lot of passion for our community and a lot of great ideas to help continue the trend of us being the best online community for the game we love to hate.

And now that you hate them, too… they are truly moderators.

Welcome to Mod Life!

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