The quest for the ultimate player

FIFA19 10 - The quest for the ultimate player

See, I'm a 40 year old something dude and when they released legends into ultimate team in fifa 14 I was hooked, these were the stars I looked up too when I was younger, and you can hate on fifa all you want, they depict those players pretty good in terms of playstyle, strengths and weaknesses.

It also helps to have some great players to compete with you youngsters, my neurons don't fire as fast anymore as they used too. I don't need really need to win as well, playing with icons is half the fun for me , so stop sending me messages after you beat me. I would trade in everything I have for your youth anyday.

I have a fixed amount of money that I spend on fifa so the most expensive legends are out of reach in the beginning for me as well but it does give me the option to test most of icons pretty fast. That testing is fun, but its goal is to find the ultimate player, the one that is a real gamechanger and that isn't the obvious choice by spending top dollar/euro/pound.

It may help you to know what to work too, because testing all those players is expensive, ea tax and market fluctuations are a real bi*ch. Don't mistake me for old guy that started playing fifa recently, I've been playing football games since the eighties, and played every fifa game extensively since fifa 94.

Here is the list of notable testings:

Vieri prime: very cheap for what he his, not your go to player if you want agility but he is so strong and bulky that even with his 83 pace he's very hard to catch, defenders need to get around him to steal the ball, and that makes all the difference. He also makes very good runs because of his great positioning. It is so good that you wil forget that he has a medium attacking workrate.

Vieri can will score easily with our without finesse, he has very good shooting stats, and he isnt handicapped by his low agility stat when aiming like most other low agile players. Don't ask me why, I haven't found any reason for it in the stats. His heading is obviously very good.

He also has pretty good passing, and he can hold the ball very easy because of his strength, ball control, and reactions. He is the hold up striker to go to.

Zola prime: very good dribbler, passer and shooter (finesse, long and box) Your cheap maradonna, too weak to be a striker though, or you have to be a good skiller, he is a true cf and a great cam. The composure stat hasn't bothered me (and you can boost it), his 83 long passing and 85 agility feels like a lot more.

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Great for second line play, or even wing play, I'm not a skiller but I manage to hold the ball till I'm buried in defenders, boosting the agility (witch a chem like engine) will make a god dribbler. Zola is a fun player if you like dribbling, and his finishing and passing is stellar.

– Baby keane: One of the main differences with the other keane is his marking, and while you can boost it on the other keane's it still doesn't feel the same, the other keane's won't defend like this one, this one will fight for you, run after every player like a madman, will win every duel and with anchor also a lot of headers. He will make 5 star dribblers cry.

He is able to retain to ball in high pressure matches, and passes more than good enough. His pace is of course not that great, but is more than sufficient to stop build up play.


Veron mid and prime: Amazing controlling midfielder, and I doubt you'll find someone similar that can match him. Veron will control his region of the game, and stay there, he will be boss there, don't be fooled by his strength, his agression makes up for it. His agression is also what sets him apart from players like seedorf and gullit (not to mention the price as well lol). You want someone that says fu*k everybody on cm then veron is your guy to go though.

His passing is also flawless, shooting is great but don't start dribbling with him to find a good spot to shoot, that's not his thing, but if he gets the ball when he's on a half decent shooting position he will scream it in.

– Figo mid and prime: some people consider figo an as*hole, not only because he went from barca to madrid, but also because he was able to fool the referee. He also has that kind of aura in game, figo is about arrogance, and he retains the ball like no other because of the combination of dribbling, size and strength.

Shooting and passing is of course great, but his curve is only 76, that is defenitely a downside but that doesn't take away from his dribbling and ability to retain the ball. Despite his low curve he's still a great crosser.

I kinda like his mid version better than the prime one, his higher composure does feel like he's better to retain the ball, and does make him more consistent. The prime one is fast though, and the high low workrates make him a menace for the defence but he's overpriced when you consider that his mid version goes for under 1 million.

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Don't forget figo is also able to retain the ball that well when he's making a run on goal, and that can make him a formidable attacking player.

George Best mid: All I can say about best is that he extremely quick with the ball on the feet whatever he does, best feels overpowered when it comes to dribbling. His shooting is also amazing, especially with finesse. Passing is more than good enough. The only downside for me is his workrates. You would think he's overpriced for only a 90 rated card, but he isn't. Makes Mbappé feel like an old woman.

Baby maradonna: I know what you're going to say, you're coming with a post about affordable legends and then you bring up maradonna, but when you look at his price he's a lot less that the baby version of eusibio, pele, cruyff and r9, and he's the most overpowered player I played with, he will glide past defenders without skill move, be pretty much always in the position that you want him, shoots with ease, passes with ease. I did find him better at striker tho, and I do find him the best striker I played with.

It's the ability to retain the ball while going on goal that makes maradonna such a menace, sliding through the defense while defenders pushing and pulling and still make a great shot or pass is what makes baby maradonna really stand out.

His mid version can't do it like him and he's more usable for other things, but I won't go into that anymore, this post has gone on long enough. I wish you all the luck with your quest for the 'ultimate' player.

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