The reason RVP and Zlatan have shitty stamina, but Robbery doesn’t OR how card boosts work in FIFA 19.

FIFA19 6 - The reason RVP and Zlatan have shitty stamina, but Robbery doesn't OR how card boosts work in FIFA 19.

Whenever a player gets a special card there are people complaining about "EA fucking up the card again. Doesn't have stamina, never was that strong, etc."
Those are valid complains, but due to the sheer amount of those I wanted to explain how those "fuckups" come about.

How do card boosts in FIFA actually work?

When a player is boosted EA doesn't actually boost his ingame stats! They only boost the face stats that are printed on the card. The ingame stats are then increased by the same percentage. Let's look a little example with the CB card of Zlatan:

The gold card of Zlatan has 34 defending printed on him. The FUT birthday card is boosted to a 90, which is an increase of 164,7%. This is of course an extreme case, but that's the point in choosing him as my example.

Now let's take a look at how his ingame stats changed:

  • Interceptions: 20 -> 52 (160% increase)
  • Heading: 83 -> 99 (20% increase)
  • Marking: 28 -> 74 (164,3% increase)
  • Standing Tackle: 37 -> 97 (162,7% increase)
  • Sliding Tackle: 24 -> 63 (162,5% increase)

So (apart from rounding and max value) all ingame stats got boosted by said 164,7%. That causes several things:

  1. 90 Defending doesn't really make sense, because heading only increased by 20% due to reaching max value
  2. The ingame stats are totally strange. While he does have 97 Standing tackle he is still useless as a CB because of the other attributes.

You can also observe the same behaviour for other FUT birthday cards like the shooting of the VVD striker card.

What does that have to do with the stamina of flashback or end of an era cards?

That's actually quite simple when you understand how cards are boosted. Let's take a look at Robin van Persie's physicality: The gold card has a 55 physicality value. His EOE card has 88 (60% increase). His ingame physic stats therefore increase as follows:

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  • Jumping: 42 -> 67
  • Stamina: 44 -> 70
  • Strength: 67 -> 99
  • Aggression: 41 -> 65

The reason his stamina is shit is not because EA doesn't like him or you those who want to play him. It's simply because they decided that 88 would be a fair physic stat of his EOE card. The ingame stats then increased accordingly. The funny thing is, would his gold card only have like 56 strength, his stamina would most likely be better. That's because the gap between strength (67) and stamina (44) wouldn't be as high.

A lot of people on this sub wrote something along the lines of "I hope they don't fuck up Ribery's/Robben's stamina". Well, The only thing that I was concerned of was that EA might not give Robbery a high face physic stat. Why is that? Well both of them don't have the gap between their in game stats that RVP has. Ribery for example has 59 stamina and 60 strength, with strength being his highest physical attribute. So when he got his physicality boosted from a 57 to an 82 it was clear that he has decent stamina. (Similarly for Robben)

What limitations arise with this system?

Well as you've already seen it is simply not possible for EA to give certain players stats that make sense this way. Ribery never was so strong, RVP certainly had a better stamina/jumping. Special cards like FUT birthday or Scream cards often still suck at something the should be good at (Zlatan/Lukaku defending, Fellaini dribbling).


I obviously don't like this system. However, it does make sense for most cards that gain a stat boost, namely informs. At least it's better than simply boosting all ingame stats by a couple of points evenly. Why? Well when Lukaku plays good he usually does those things he already does well a little better. He won't be agile all of the sudden. So when he gets a dribbling boost it does make kind of sense to boost his agility a little less than his ball control.

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The real problem arises with special cards like flashbacks, end of an era, etc. Boosts often make very little to no sense at all and this system actively prevents EA from giving players cards they deserve or cards that make sense.

I hope I could clear the fog a little and prevent some future confusion. Cheers

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