The Reddit Cup group announcement

FIFA19 9 - The Reddit Cup group announcement

Good morning everyone! I spent last night going over your surveys and getting you guys into groups so that we’re all going to have a fair tournament. A few of you have brought it to my attention that you would prefer that we try and co-ordinate this tournament with peoples timeszones because of poor connection. Unfortunately, I forgot to put that on the survey so if you guys want me to take it into consideration, I’m going to put another survey below for you to fill out. Please only fill this out if you are playing in the tournament. You can find out by seeing your name in the table below.

Here is the form:

So after you have played everyone in the group once each, the top two will proceed to the next round which is knockout stages. For Xbox and PS4, the knockout round will start with 32 players. For PC it will be 8. Once you have played your opponent, send me a screenshot of the result. I need to be able to clearly see both usernames and the score.

Reminder, you have to play on Ultimate Team.

NO attribute cards and NO loan cards are allowed.

Ok guys so here we are, all finished with that boring stuff about rules. The names in the groups are the players Reddit username. Contact them for their console username. Here are the tables:

  • PC: 16 players
  • Xbox: 64 players
  • PS4: 64 players

So you can see in the table the Reddit usernames of your opponents in your group. I recommend messaging them on Reddit first and then try and build a group chat with you all in. This is the easiest way to communicate easily. Reddit messenger isn’t the best so if you guys have discord or something similar then try that. Please be careful with what contact details you choose give to strangers online.

You will have 24 hours to play each game, so in this group stage situation, you have 72 hours to play all your games. That is 3 days. I will start it from 12:00pm UK time which is exactly when this was posted.

Once I have all the scores, the knockout game fixtures will be released. Good luck everyone! Have fun and play well. Message me if you have any queries, I’ll try to reply to everyone.

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