The (un)Official r/FIFA guide to TOTS

FIFA19 6 - The (un)Official r/FIFA guide to TOTS

What's TOTS?

TOTS stands for TEAM OF THE SEASON, it's a special time of year when all the cards you love and hate will be re-released with even more stats than ever before, loosely based on real-life performances and being in a top-6 club. Basically a load of 99 rated Liverpool and Man City cards. Within the next 6 weeks, everyone is going to have a 91+ rated team with a shit-tonne of these TOTS cards in amongst their OP Icons. If you don't keep up then these teams are going to eat you for breakfast. The difference between this team and your current team, is like the difference between your current team and the team you got from your starter packs.

This entire time of year is designed to make you excited about buying more packs even though the football season is pretty much dead.

How to Prepare

So, you need to get some of these cards to compete. They are going to be available through 3 different methods.

  1. Painful weekly objectives
  2. Overpriced SBCs
  3. Opening packs

Any TOTS players who aren't likely to sell packs will be available through methods 1 and 2. All the TOTS players you want will be available through method 3.

Method 3 is all about opening packs. If you're sensible you will have been saving all of your packs for the last 4 months ready for team of the season. The only acceptable time to open packs is at TOTS, or TOTY, if you open packs at any other time of the year then you might as well shit in your hands and clap, because there is literally a 0% chance of getting a TOTS or TOTY player. If you've been stupid enough to actually OPEN YOUR PACKS and HAVE FUN PLAYING THE GAME, then you should probably bear this in mind for next year. If you haven't saved up 288 packs like everyone else on the subreddit, then you are going to need to buy some packs.

To buy packs, you need coins, to get coins, you need to SELL FUCKING EVERYTHING.

You might think that you don't have anything worth selling, but you're wrong. You just need to scrape together whatever coins you can and buy whatever packs are going cheap. Literally any gold pack could have a TOTS player. I packed 2 base icons this year, both through 7.5k packs. It's not about what specific type of packs you buy, it's about buying a shit tonne of packs. Every pack is a lottery ticket, and if you buy enough of them you will almost definitely maybe get a potentially semi-usable player (hopefully).

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It can be hard to let go, sometimes there are players or items that you've built a special emotional bond with. To be successful you need to be ruthless. If it's tradeable, and it's not in your 23 man squad, it's gone. That's it. Simple rule.


Some people will advise you to trade to make money, but this is flawed logic – trading involves buying and selling, and no one is buying at the moment cause they are all too busy selling. Quicksell will always buy from you. Quicksell is your friend. Follow the simple steps below and you will be drowning in TOTS players before you know it:

WHY HAVE YOU GOT 4731 CONTRACTS IN YOUR CLUB? You literally get about 100 a week from weekend league, no one wants to buy this shit so just quicksell it:

  • 454 Rare Gold = 28k
  • 82 Rare Gold Manager = 5k
  • 1586 Gold= 50k
  • 417 Rare Bronze = 5k
  • 1700 Bronze contracts = 5.1k

Congrats, you've just made yourself 93k from quick-selling contracts.

WHY HAVE YOU GOT 914 KITS IN YOUR CLUB? You only use 2 right? Sell the rest. Congrats. You've just made yourself 27k

WHY HAVE YOU GOT 80 STADIUMS IN YOUR CLUB? You can only use 1, and half of them are just a shadowy shit show. Congrats. You've just made yourself 1.9k

WHY HAVE YOU GOT 61 BALLS IN YOUR CLUB? Keep one, sell the rest. Congrats, you've just made yourself 2.1k

WHY HAVE YOU GOT 365 POSITIONING ITEMS IN YOUR CLUB? Apply them or sell them, these fuckers are liquid gold. Congrats, you've just made yourself 23k

WHY HAVE YOU GOT 273 CHEMISTRY STYLES IN YOUR CLUB? Again, apply them or sell them – the only exception here is Catalyst, Hunter, and Shadow. Sell those fuckers for 5k each and quick sell the rest. Congrats, you've just made yourself 10k.

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WHY HAVE YOU GOT 441 MANAGER LEAGUES IN YOUR CLUB? As per the above, if you haven't got the right league on your manager by now you never will, and you sure as fuck aren't going to need to change it 441 times in the near future. Congrats, you've just made yourself 22k

WHY HAVE YOU GOT 687 TRAINING ITEMS IN YOUR CLUB? Congrats, you've just made yourself 12k.

WHY HAVE YOU GOT 480 HEALING ITEMS IN YOUR CLUB? Congrats, you've just made yourself 14k.

BADGES! IT WON'T EVEN TELL ME HOW MANY BADGES I'VE GOT ON THE COMPANION APP, I MUST HAVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE FUCKERS. You only need 1. Boom. 10k (guesstimate I'll sell them all later and update).


So after just 6h30 of quick selling everything that you've been hoarding this year, you've made 215k and given yourself carpal tunnel syndrome, and we haven't even started selling your players! Are you ready to pack Messi yet?

tl;dr – sell all of your consumables you filthy hoarder.

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