This game is an unbalanced mess (again)

FIFA19 2 - This game is an unbalanced mess (again)

1-Depth being so good isn't just cause by one problem, Just nearly everything in this game is somewhat broken.

Weak AI-Coverage:

More skill-based defending sounds nice. However, you can't control 11 players at the same time and sometimes the AI is just abysmal. I'm all in for covering dangerous runs or tackling yourself. But often every run is covered by me and it still results in an easy through ball because the AI is just making a terrible move.

This is part of the 1-Depth problem. If you are sitting back with 9-11 players, there shouldn't be an open 100% passing option for a counter every time you get the ball. But the AI just always "forgets" one player. The biggest drawback of super-deep tactics just doesn't exist in this game.

While the AI is shit against deep runs, they are actually very good against short passes. They are always close to their opponent and don't give a lot of room. Getting through a defense with a possession based playstyle is way harder, not just for a beginner but even in the upper bracket of the playerbase.


Is broken and the least fun it has ever been. Literally everyone dribbles the same. A move to the left, a move to the right, a move to the left, well didn't get through this time so pass it to the next player and a move to the left, a move to the right, a move to the left… Eventually at some point you position a little bit wrong and he is trough. Well, sometimes you don't even have to stand false because Dembele running through the defender is a 50:50 anyway.

I like dribbling being part of the game and the cheeky moments when you surprise your opponent off guard. This doesn't happen here. The whole offense is a dribbling-game. I need to cover L1-Dribbling and the same skill moves more than I needed back in FIFA Street on my GameCube.


The difference between 70 dribbling and 90 dribbling is huge, between 70 passing and 90 passing? Not at all. They still make the same dumb passes and are not even close to reliable enough to enable a play-style based around them.



It should be way easier getting the ball from someone doing brainless dribble moves. The default shouldn't be that the attacker keeps the ball and only loses it if he fks up. The default should be that the attacker needs to create something if the defense doesn't make a huge mistake.

On the other side tackling a player with the back to the goal is overpowered. The defender oftentimes just bulldoze trough the player or runs past him and gets the ball, again encouraging counter-playstyles over a possession-based one.


Every ball gets blocked when you have defenders around, yet if you have even a little bit of space 70-shooting players will score absolute banger more often than not. And thanks for fixing the keeper bouncing the ball back to the striker: That hasn't changed AT ALL. It might even got worse. And if that shit happens at least make it look somewhat realistic. Not like the defender forgetting that they are on a football pitch for about 5 seconds while the striker makes a first-touch he would never do and some weirdly clumsy finish while the keeper just dives everywhere but not towards the ball.

There will always be people trying to find some broken mechanics in these games. I just don't know a single competitive game where these are so blatantly obvious and that much better than everything else. In 90 of the over 100 matches I played my opponent used a player out of Dembele, Ben Yedder or Rashford. The rest where either fresh starter teams or Icons with Ronaldo, Neymar´and Mbappe (and occasionally still including one of the former players). I am not kidding, I had to look up whether Kane wasn't in the game for some licencing reason because no one plays with one of the best strikers of the PL.

The game is based around RNG more than ever and the whole skill gap is based around defending weird ball rolls, which might be the least fun aspect of a football game.

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