This game is handicapping high rated squads/players, it’s NOT the servers

FIFA19 6 - This game is handicapping high rated squads/players, it’s NOT the servers

Hi r/Fifa, I tried something new this week, and I wanted to share it with you so if you happen to be in the same situation as me where you have a really good squad but feel the game is being incredibly sluggish and you are struggling for wins which you think you should be getting, just try this yourself and see if you agree with me or not.

Like a lot of people this year, up to now I’ve been running one main squad, and one fitness squad that I play in SB on beginner and just score a few and leave it. My main squad is full of prime icons, TOTY players, and FB Ibra of course.

I decided to make a new fitness squad with mostly 82/83 rated players which I will also play with in rivals/champs and alternate between this and my main one. The original intention was so that I don’t get used to playing with the top players and just play lazy. Playing the fitness squad would force me to concentrate and think about my game, prevent the build up of bad habits, and really make me appreciate the abilities of the main squad more when I’m using it…

So now I’m going to describe the first game I played with the fitness squad in DR. Opponent has an average squad, decent players, fairly typical, so now on to kick off. I was gobsmacked. Suddenly the sluggishness was gone. This is the Fifa I loved when I first played it back in September! It was balanced, responsive, and smooth… I had actually forgotten what that was like. The players actually move where you tell them to! The AI is not moving them out of the way or making them hide behind an opponent and hoping I don’t notice. The ball actually bounced to me! It came to ME. Holy shit, that quick return pass went exactly where I pressed, and look I can do 4 skill moves in a row without getting stuck in quicksand! Sure, half of the shots I had went wide when Stoichkov probably would have buried them if they had fallen to him, but the chances were coming so often purely from the game doing what I pressed that I was still 4-0 up from 21 shots to my poor opponents only 1 shot when he rage quit. I felt sorry for him.

I thought that game must have been a coincidence, I just got lucky with the opponent or the tactics or the connection and next time it will be back to the usual BS. Time to play with the main squad.


Onto the next game, opponent has a team full of NIF players with the best being Griezmann, mine is much better on paper. Onto kick off and he is being really cagey. When I get the ball I can feel how much better the players are than in the previous game but something doesn’t feel right. They don’t want to play, they are not motivated to do what I’m telling them to do. No matter, despite this TOTY De Bruyne skips past someone and makes it 1-0 with a typical banger. Zlatan pops up with a header for 2-0 soon after. This should be easy, with a team like this. Then a change happened. My players were getting slower. It’s clear as day, suddenly so sluggish. Allan and Rabiot never did this last game when I went 2-0 up, they carried on playing just the same. Now look at Ballack running like Neil Armstrong on the moon, and defenders are taking an age to accelerate when they run back. Opponent keeps getting the ball all the time, 7 or 8 times in a row it goes straight to him, and his players are all over me before I can even move. I’m leaving gaps everywhere and nobody will move in to fill them. TOTY Van Dijk is amazing, and keeps winning tackles, but when I try to pass the ball it goes slower than it should, and the first touch of the receiving player keeps happening in slow motion. All of this is exactly what I’ve been experiencing for months, I can’t say when it started but could have been a gradual onset as I slowly improved my team. I thought it was the servers, of course it wasn’t the servers. There is no actual delay. Most things start to happen immediately when you press the button, but they just take longer to complete than they should do. The game is purposefully slowing them down, and it’s so obvious now, after playing the two games and comparing them. This sluggishness carries on for the rest of the game and it finishes 2-2.

I played 12 games this evening, 6 with each team. Every game of the other 10 was exactly the same type of gameplay as the first two I described above. I won 4, drew 1, lost 1 with the fitness team, won 3, drew 2 lost 1 with the main team.


I can only conclude that the game is putting a handicap on high rated teams or players.

Possible reasons I can think of why it would do this is to make people with low rated teams feel that they can beat players with better teams and so imagine how much better they could do if they had a team that good, they would be more likely to go buy some FP to try and make it happen. Meanwhile the player with a high rated team has likely already bought FP before to get that team in the first place, and he’s going to be frustrated that the team still isn’t good enough and needs upgrading again, back to the store for more FP.

I would invite any of you guys to try this out for yourself if you feel like the same thing is happening to you, let me know what you think. It certainly seems to corroborate with a lot of the most popular complaints that people are making about the game right now. It also explains why people are saying that those Gabriel Jesus type of teams are the toughest to beat.

Thanks for reading!

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