This game may have issues, but complaining about every single thing doesn’t help.

FIFA19 6 - This game may have issues, but complaining about every single thing doesn’t help.

So im reading this sub daily and ive played since fut 14 without any break. In fifa 19 i was around 2600 elo dr and 23-26 wins on wl. Altough it seems good when you look at my ratings i had no fun at all because problems with fifa 19 were much bigger than fifa20. Before i explain i just want to point out people seem to blame everything on the game and take no fault on themselves for losing a game.

First of all biggest issue with this game is the delay. If players responded as they should and we had no problem with switching etc. İt would be 10 times better. This problem i agree with everyone.

For me other major problem with fifa 20 is rebounds and any stuff that is luck dependent such as goalkeeper punches and clean tackles being unsuccesfull

Im gonna stick with gameplay or i will have to talk about sbcs and promos and such which is a huge topic to talk about so i will just leave it.

What you shouldnt blame on the game :

-people playing drop back is not a major issue. For me it takes the fun away but you can easily counter it simply by playing possesion. Because that ai is weak and your opponent cant controll everyone you just pass it around and dont lose the ball. It will make him go angry throw tackles and players off position which will be in your favor. Just pass around his box and if you feel pressured go all the way back to your defenders. He will be frustrated and even if he stays cool, he wont have the ball for minutes which means he cant score against you easily. When you find the gap pull the trigger.

-headers being dead is a 50/50 for me. I hated them because they were too random and kills the skill gap. But it is too weak now so as much as i understand people complain about it, you should just avoid headers and adapt unless it gets patched which seems unlikely.


Pace being op? I dont even know boys everyone complained about how otamendi was catching up with r9 last year and now all of a sudden we want that back. Just no, track runs, cut passing lanes with quick switching and it is fine. You will always concede in a counter no matter what but pace has to relevant if we are playing a football game.

Also İ wanna point out this game has changed in a good way. Kick off is gone, 360 no scope volleys are gone (thank god) . You cant just let the ai defend for you and finesse shot for days. I know how bad ea is and how they are ruining the potential of this game but we are all playing this game with our own will right ? So i suggest you to adapt to the game. Go better at defending as much as possible. Even if you are a top tier player that bullshit will happen to you and you will lose sometimes. But trying to play fifa 19 type and complaining about a new game doesnt work and it gives ea more courage to make this game a useless fifa19 v2.0 with patches. They will never make a complete game im pretty sure, but this is the best one we had for some time. İts diffrent and it sucks to lose over and over but as soon as you learn the game you will realise that last year we played a game that should never have been released and this game is much more complete. Just lose, learn from your mistakes, blame the game when you have to, but most importantly have fun with it.

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