This is EA support for you.

FIFA19 4 - This is EA support for you.

The same thing as in the following link has happened to me.

Some russian dude managed to trick an EA advisor to send him a personalized email instead of the auto generated one, so that he could see the verification code and be able to access my EA account. He had no access to my emails, I did not share my credentials with anyone, etc etc. He literally just managed to trick EA to give him my account. He then proceeded to sell all my players and steal all my coins. Talked on the phone the next day with EA and my account got restored to me and was waiting for my players and coins to also be restored since my club is now a ruin. Surprise surprise, one more day passes and I get permanent banned on the transfer market for coin selling (which was of course done by the hacker). This happened after I already talked to EA about the hack and they restored my account. You rock EA !

A week and four days later, no updates, no emails, nobody knows anything and "All I can do now is wait for an email because they are extremely busy and me asking them about the case is just wasting their time".

I have heard about how bad EA support is but this is ridiculous.

There are many other cases on the internet , same thing happening to others, even the EA advisor said there are a lot of cases of compromised accounts and that is why it might take longer, but they still do nothing about their flawed security.

Any advice? What can I do ? Anybody else had an amazing EA customer support experience like this ? How did it work out ?

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