This is Fifa 18/17/16/15 all over again

FIFA19 10 - This is Fifa 18/17/16/15 all over again

I feel like we have just dropped back into the same pattern as every year.

Its new with new features and new ways of playing. This year it was custom tactics, do you want to be tika taka? do you want to be Sarri ball? great let the players play how they want.
We also had timed shooting to spice things up there.

Season starts ok, we have bugs sure and some things need to be nerfed fine.

Few patches down the line they have fu*ked the game the good new features get nerfed for no reason, the bad new features get left alone and we are stuck having the play the same players in the same formations on the same tactics all trying to score the same way because thats all that works.


Imagine how much fun this game could be if there where different ways of playing that are actually viable ways to play and if you can be good at your style, fast paced, tika taka or whatever you want they you have a chance. Instead its abuse the broken mechanics or dont compete.

I love this game because i love football and because Its the only real choice of football game but i get sick after a few games because its all the same and nothing like real football in pretty much every aspect.

Sorry for the long post i just wanted to get it off my chest

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