This one tip that changed everything for me

FIFA19 1 - This one tip that changed everything for me

I play with Man Utd in online seasons and with friends online and I've been struggling a lot playing against always pressure defending.

On fifa 18 I won the big majority of matches against them, but on fifa 19 the pressure AI defense (even after patch) was making my life too hard. I couldn't finish a shot during a whole game. I would only score on set pieces or crosses.

I would never get my players to run to receive the ball, etc.

However, I saw this YT video about 'STOP RUNNING', thus keeping ball control. Only run when there is clear space for the run and you know you will leave opponents behind. Because defenders WILL catch up and reach you. If space is not clear, just slowly conduct the ball, wait for the play to develop, players to get to better positions so you can pass. Protect ball when no pass options are available.

That changed my whole game. So many more opportunities now. Players get in position, the pressuring AI defense gets confused and I play much better now.

It might be obvious for most of you, but for me was amazing.

Now I have to learn how to finish again. It was much easier on 18. Now my shots are usually blocked by fullbacks or too weak or way out. So, one step at a time, I guess.

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