Time Analysis of Icon Swap Batch 1

FIFA19 8 - Time Analysis of Icon Swap Batch 1

For the sake of discussion, I wanted to try to calculate a rough expectation for the amount of time required to unlock the tokens for icon swap set 1.


  • Score 20 goals with first owned players in Rivals
  • Play 20 matches in FUT using at least one first owned player

ANALYSIS: These are very easy objectives and will naturally be completed by anyone who plays DR to unlock the other objectives, so I'm going to add no time for this segment. It is essentially a "free" token if you play online at all.


  • Win 3 DR matches using a full gold squad max 83 OVR squad rating
  • Win 9 WL matches
  • Win 3 DR matches using at least 7 first owned EPL starters
  • Win 3 DR matches using at least 7 first owned Serie A starters
  • Win 3 DR matches using at least 7 first owned La Liga starters
  • Win 3 DR matches using at least 7 first owned Ligue One starters
  • Win 3 DR matches using at least 7 first owned Bundesliga starters

ANALYSIS: The WL token requires 9 wins. If each match takes 15 minutes and you win all 9 on your first try, that's roughly 135 minutes of gameplay, or 2.25 hours. Since it's very hard to win every WL game, this is likely to take most people 3-5 hours at a minimum. The task of winning 3 DR games with a gold squad max 83 OVR should be easy to complete naturally in the process of playing DR, so we'll also call that a "free" token. The other 5 online tokens cannot be completed concurrently and require specific squads to finish. If we assume that each match takes 15 minutes, that's 45 minutes per token if you win every game you play. 45 minutes x 5 tokens = 225 minutes (3.75 hours). Add the minimum time from the WL objective (135 minutes) to the minimum time from the DR objectives (225 minutes) and it means you will spend a minimum of 360 minutes (6 hours) to complete the online icon tokens, and likely a lot more than that when you factor in losses and draws. A more realistic estimate for an average player would be something like 10-14 hours to complete all of these tokens.


  • Win 6 SBs on min. World Class using a full gold squad max 83 OVR squad rating
  • Win 5 SBs on min. World Class using 11 MLS starters
  • Win 5 SBs on min. World Class using 11 CSL starters
  • Win 5 SBs on min. World Class using 11 Eredvisie starters

ANALYSIS: The objective to win 6 SBs with a gold squad max 83 overall can be mostly completed while doing the Eredvisie portion of this, though it cannot be done with MLS or CSL because they lack gold defenders. We'll still call this a "free" token because it will essentially be finished while you do the Eredvisie portion (and if you're strapped for time that's the first step you should do). That leaves 3 tokens, each requiring you to win 5 matches. 3 x 5 matches x 15 minutes per match = 225 minutes. So, if you win every game then you can get all of the offline tokens in roughly 3.75 hours. If you struggle to win against the CPU on WC then this can stretch out considerably.



  • Add the minimum time for the online objectives (6 hours) to the minimum time for the offline objectives (3.75 hours) and you get 9.75 hours as the absolute minimum time to unlock all of the tokens (possibly slightly lower due to rage quits). When you factor in the probability of losses in DR/WL/SB and the fact that games can drag due to replays, pauses, and extra time, it probably looks more like 15-16 hours of gameplay to unlock everything, and more than that if you're a weak player. Bear in mind that season 2 will have its own objectives, so if it follows the same general pattern then you may need to tack on another 12-15 hours to get the top items like Drogba or Butragueno. So overall you're looking at potentially ~30 hours of gameplay if you want Drogba.

  • People will say this is a "free" icon, but there is obviously a time cost, particularly if you're an exclusively online or offline player who doesn't want to delve into the other modes. 30 hours of gameplay for the most expensive reward is a time commitment roughly equivalent to playing 3-4 full WLs.

  • People will say the community is "entitled" for complaining about this promotion. Personally, I think the promotion is nice…as an addition what we already had. It gives people rewards for playing the game and incentive for trying new squads and modes. If you don't think it's good value, you can simply ignore it.

  • The problem for me is that this wasn't added as an addition to icon SBCs, but rather as a replacement for icon SBCs. There will be no individual icon SBCs in FUT 20. This change has been framed as a generous measure to help a larger portion of the player pool access icons, but it actually seems like a thinly-veiled measure to widen the paywall separating players from top-tier content, as you will no longer be able to build towards the likes of Gullit/Eusebio/Vieira/R10/R9/etc, and instead will have to settle for whatever icons EA offers you on their schedule, using their objectives. Overall, players have less agency and power in the process than they have in the past. This seems to be a deliberate strategy from EA, beginning with "icon sets" in FUT 19 and the refusal of PIM SBCs for the best players (R10, Gullit, Pele, etc). This year it has evolved into a more rigid system where you get what they say, how they say, when they say.

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