Time to call it quits for my health

FIFA19 6 - Time to call it quits for my health

So i have been playing fifa since release and have found this game to be more like a science experiment to see how people react to massive amounts of manipulation. First off my record is 447-56-162 so im not a terrible player so please dont think 'oh he just moaning cause he bad'. But for me i personally dont deal well with the game, normally im a calm person and not aggressive but im ashamed to say this game has bought out the worst out in me.

Il probably get bashed alot for being open and people can make there judgements but i know for fact im not the only one. When i concede a stupid goal from making 4 tackles but there player makes it out with the ball, or my player does some ridiculous pass or completely miss the ball (if any other game had problems like fifa it would fail) i would get over aggressive and found i would basically self harm i.e punch my leg, wall, etc and have gone into work with bruised fingers and knuckles. It feels like a social experiment and it has crazy effect on your mental health, the stress of trying to get one win for fut champ to get rubbish rewards when it comes to it.

At the start i even bought a new controller thinking mine has broke but turns out it was just the game-play that weekend.

Ive said to myself im just going to quit this game i know its not good for me physically and mentally, i know people will say thats your fault but this game promote these things unhealthy things by the fuckery it gives you to clearly get more sales on packs.


My point is I think a lot of people playing this needs to take a step back and think is it really worth it and if you have similar behaviour to me realise your not the only one and how damaging it can be, there thousands of games out there what you can enjoy and what may be better for you. I play alot of other games what can be frustrating but i dont act anything like i do with fifa.

Ive enjoyed the community as i never used Reddit much till this fifa and they have been the highlight of fifa for me. and thank you for anyone who has helped me on previous posts. Hopefully get positive response so when i get tempted to play again i can come back here and see them.

Thank you 🙂

Edit: So as many people commented agreeing, i contacted EA and shared the post, they gave a scripted response and then told me they 'i understand it can be frustrating when your favourite game is facing issues' so atleast they know. They then started saying they are shocked that my gameplay is so bad with the amazing players i have and it will be pass on to there development team. Then wished me to have good pack luck in future which i told them i will be quiting after next week reward. I have quit but im curious to see if i get some pack luck all of a sudden from them. Either way i will be finished with the game

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