Tip for breaking a poor run of form.

FIFA19 3 - Tip for breaking a poor run of form.

I apologise if this seems obvious to most, but it really helps me and hopefully it can help others!

You used to love your star striker. Who is he? Vardy? POTM Aub? R9? Regardless of your squad rating, there's that player you no longer see as a viable option. He needs selling, and that shiny new card you're planning on getting will solve all your problems.

And it will. For a while. Until the same thing happens. Call it EA nerfing your player, call it your own pathological mind whispering dark thoughts and desperate promises, but it will happen again, and again, and again.

Here's the good news.

Unless he's genuinely shit, your striker probably doesn't need to be replaced.

Granted, a better player would be nice, but if he's already top tier, it's your attitude that needs fixing, not the card. You need to A) fall back in love with your team, and B) improve your gameplay, and there are better, less extreme ways of accomplishing that goal.

My best ever wl form (G1, but still) came off the back of completing the Martinez objective, and it's obvious why.

I had been relying on my squad, not myself.

It's why the 82 rated squads seem to invariably fu*k over a lot of players in wl/rivals (including myself.)

Playing with a bunch of MLS silvers forced me to do something crazy, something almost inconceivable. I played the game.


You can blame bad luck, you can blame eaids. Blame that toxic opponent and his shitty tactics, or your squad rating. They're probably valid complaints and they make good scapegoats. But more often than not, it's your gameplay that needs fixing.

Playing with a silver squad for Martinez and Cazorla forced me to not rely on my players, and when I did return to my squad, it was a breath of fresh air. Players that could actually run, and shoot, and pass. Goalkeepers that could save! I fell in love with my squad without replacing any of the players, and while they were obviously far superior to the silvers, I no longer relied solely on them. Instead, I utilised their attributes while focusing much more on my gameplay.

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So when your form sucks, don't go into the next game all guns blazing. Head over to online singles, or even rivals, and play with a silver only squad. When you return, you'll love your players like you used to love them, and you'll play with the panache that you used to have.

TL;DR Play with a silver squad every time you hit a bad run of form and fall back in love with your players and (hopefully) much improved gameplay.

Merry Christmas!

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