Tips for the Martinez Objective

FIFA19 3 - Tips for the Martinez Objective

Hey Guys,

So I just wanted to try help out the community a little bit with some advice. I ended up getting Martinez last night and had a lot of fun in the process. So here is a small guide on how I got him. (You must use 11 MLS Starters)

  1. I played a 4231. I found this formation very attacking and also solid defensively. I tried in WL and hated it with better players but for some reason with the MLS it was perfect!

  2. Use Martinez and Gio. They’re godly. I scored 2 free kicks with Giovinco and his pace and dribbling is amazing. Martinez is just so clinical. If you haven’t got him in the squad. What are you doing.

  3. Be patient. Yes I know we all love to attack attack attack but sometimes you got to calm down and play slowly. If you have no space to play in a player. LB dribble it back and pass to the next free person. If you need to keep playing it back to a free player not near the box it is fine. Just wait for the time when Martinez or gio gets in the box and finesse or low drive that SOB.

  4. Listen to calm music. I put on a playlist that was chill and calm. It helped me stay composed a lot of the time when they scored. I did end up putting on the new Spider-Man album and admittedly it got me hyped. So either hype music or calm music is pretty good. Depending on your mood of course.

  5. If you start losing game after game. Take a break. Have 5 minutes of just sitting there and relaxing. Lay on your bed. Do some breathing exercises. Whatever calms you down.

  6. Have fun! Genuinely FIFA can be a game where it depresses or upsets you due to loss. But honestly. Just keep taking breaks. I found this challenge to be the most fun challenge I’ve had to do.

The team I used was (random mls GK who I subbed out) Random silver LB and RB(They were actually kinda good) Gonzalez pirez and a random CB(I subbed him out Bradley and dos Santos Romero gamarra,Dos Santos, gio Martinez

I would sub in Lloris and varane. Then if I was struggling later I would put on kroos for my Central CAM as he has 5* WF.

Instructions I had were ST-Get in behind LAM/RAM – Stay forward, get in behind CDM-Stay back whilst attacking LB/RB- stay back

Defence-Balanced Width 5 Depth 5

Offence-Fast build up Width 7 PIB- 5 Corners 2 Fk-2

Hope any of this helped.any questions I can answer!

Edit: Some pains I played against were Piatti and Ibra. Maybe they’re worth getting! But I will always recommend Bradley. Solid!

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