TOP 10: This is what you should aim for tomorrow

FIFA19 5 - TOP 10: This is what you should aim for tomorrow

10 – Donnarumma: his IFs were among the best GK in the game this year, so it's a logical sense that his TOTS can be regarded as one of the best keepers in the game. With perfect stats (except speed) with a basic chem style and 196cm, you can get here an endgame player for your team.

9 – Zapata: he has 3* skills. Besides that, you can expect a monster in the form of a colombian striker. Being 189cm and having 99 heading and jumping, you know you will score a lot of headers with him. When not using his head, you can go a little down (pun intended) to his feet and get a 92 pace with 96 shooting machine who will score for fun.

8 – De Jong: Luuk de Jong is simply a god amongst men. Just kidding, it's Frenkie De Jong we're talking about. Give him a sentinel and you have 90+ in all face stats with 4* skill moves. Hard to pass a card like this. Only sizeable downside is the 3* weak foot which prevents him from playing in a CAM role. Besides that, you can pair him with a strong CDM and let De Jong run the field like it's no ones business.

7 – Gómez: Put a marksman on this guy and thank me later. 99 pace, 97 passing, 98 dribling, 4*/4*, H/M, what else do you need? Shooting and physical? That's why you're using marksman and getting 97 shooting and 79 physical. Downsides? Lack of strenght and his height. But that didn't stop Mertens from raping all of us all year.


6 – Koulibaly: a meta card will always be a meta card. Yes, he still lacks balance and agility, but he will murder every opponent that crosses his path. Boost his pace with shadow and you have your endgame center back.

5 – Dumfries: His 83 card was considered to be on another level. Now he has a 90 card. What does that mean? BEST. RIGHT. BACK. IN. THE. GAME. (for defensive purposes).

4 – De Ligt: Think about what I said about Koulibaly. Now think about a classy Koulibaly. That's De Ligt. Oh, and he has 99 shot power and 82 long shots in case EA tries to mess you up in corners and put your CB outside the box.

3 – Nainggolan: The only think ugly about this card is his face. For the rest, you can expect a top tier box-to-box in your team who will chase the ball like a bulldog and score screamers like a madman. Too bad he is short.

2 – João Cancelo: Whether you like it or not, La Croqueta is the ultimate move in this game. And if your RB can do it, he is now a winger and you can pressurize even more your opponent. Add that to a nearly flawless card and he's your endgame. Yes, la La Croqueta is the thing that makes Cancelo better than Dumfries. Don't blame me, blame EA.

1 – Cristiano Ronaldo: duh.

I hope this helped!

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