TOTS Borja Iglesias: Best Value ST? [A review]

FIFA19 3 - TOTS Borja Iglesias: Best Value ST? [A review]

I packed Borja Iglesias in a free Twitch pack alongside another TOTS, and didn’t really bat an eye at his card in all honesty. SBC fodder for the inevitable Ultimate TOTS. However, after looking at his card and what he had to offer, I decided to try him out. I played him at striker, in a 4-2-3-1, 3-5-2, and 4-1-2-1-2 narrow. The only instructions I had on him was to stay forward. He replaced Flashback Ibrahimovic at ST, so he had big shoes to fill, and I will kind of use Ibra as a reference since they are fairly similar players.

After using him for 15 games in rivals only (D2), and using two different chemistry styles on the card (Hawk and Marksman) I think I have a solid opinion and feel for the card. I will give my reasoning for each chemistry style later, but I feel like he could be good with numerous chemistry styles. I do think Hawk is best out of the two I tried though.

Below, I’ve rated him, based on the position I used him in:



Pace: 6/10

His pace is weird. Very low acceleration with high speed isn’t ideal. He feels a lot slower than his face stat suggests. However, for the type of striker he is, he doesn’t have to be lightning quick. It’s enough, but can be a bit annoying.

Shooting: 10/10

One of the reasons I wanted to test him out, was because I’ve never played with someone that had 96 stock shooting and wanted to see how 96 shooting felt on a card. In my experiences, his shooting is broken. Yellow shots are still bullets and fire into the net consistently. I recall one game, where I set up Borja Iglesias for a first timed shot and mistimed it. It was a really early yellow, but it looked identical to a green timed shot. Most shots carry ferocious force behind them. Basically, if you’re in a decent position, press shoot and more than likely you just scored. It honestly left me speechless how clinical he was.

Passing: 6/10

His passing was fairly inconsistent at times (especially in bad gameplay), but he’s very good at holding up play and making quick check passes or lay off a good through ball to a winger making a run in behind. His hold up play is very solid. His distribution didn’t really wow me, but it wasn’t noticeably bad.


Dribbing: 5/10

Don’t let the 86 face stat fool you, he doesn’t feel great on the ball. I don’t know how this is possible, but he felt worse at turning than Flashback Ibrahimovic. I switched to Marksman to boost his dribbling, but didn’t really notice a difference. However, his 90 ball control is great whenever he has his back to goal, trying to create space and passing options. Also, 96 composure is massive. He didn’t send any tap-ins into the rafters which I’ve noticed even some elite players manage to do.

Defending: NA/10

99 heading woo

Physical: 8/10

The two chemistry styles I used, both boosted his physicals. I wanted him to be as unstoppable as possible in the air. His stock jumping is kind of poor, so if you’re into crossing or long balls, a physical chemistry style is a must. He won’t win every header against Van Dijk, but he certainly competes against the best. Also, once again I’ve mentioned his hold up play. I really enjoy using strikers that way, so he really suits my playstyle. His perfect strength really helps shrugging off defenders and gives you the freedom to do so much.

Key Stat/s

99 Finishing

67 Agility

99 Strength

Overall Rating: 8/10

Similar player/s:

Scream Mandzukic

Value for money/time: 10/10

For 50k at the time of making this review, you probably won’t find a better value. I don’t understand how a player with such high shooting and linkablity is this cheap. If you need a great target man, but don’t have the cash to go all out on scream Diego Costa, Mandzukic, or even CR7, Borja Iglesias is wonderful. For 50k, you won’t be disappointed with this card. You can’t go wrong.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed my review on 90 TOTS Borja Iglesias. If there’s any other card you’d like me to review, let me know!

(Note: I don’t like giving 10/10 ratings unless the category is maxed out or almost maxed out. No card, for the most part, is perfect, so my grades on them can’t be either. I like to be honest with my reviews and not overhype the card. I hate when people review a card and say it’s 10/10 in every aspect of the game when they’re clearly not, so I try to steer clear of that.)

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